Managing Change in the Data Center

first_imgVCE converged infrastructure systems and management software combine several unique capabilities whose benefits, among others, include mitigating the chaos and unintended consequences of infrastructure change.First, let’s define the capabilities:Architecture-Aware Monitoring: Displays all compute, storage and network components, their relationship, dependencies, and healthWorkload Fingerprinting: Correlates all virtual machines, their underlying compute and storage resourcesConverged Key Performance Indicator Monitoring: Displays compute, storage and network components across multiple systems as pools of resourcesAutomated Firmware/Software Compliance Audits: Validates release levels on your systems, what needs to be upgraded, and if release levels have drifted out of complianceAutomated Security and Technical Alert Audits: Validates if your technology components have security vulnerabilities and technical defects addressable by patches and upgradesFirmware/Software Release Pre-positioning: Downloads multi-vendor, multi-technology firmware/software releases and patches that are fully pretested and certified for compatibilityThese converged infrastructure system and management software capabilities work in unison to address the three common change management use cases:Incident Workarounds: Policies for permissible workaround actions to prevent unintended consequences can be defined with greater accuracy and assurance because all parent-child infrastructure component as well as infrastructure-application workload relationships are knownProblem Resolution: Available capacity and health of resources across all systems is always known, so workloads and data can be pulled off components that need repair and quickly relocated in the optimal place to assure continuous operations at expected service levels and with little or no business interruptionInfrastructure Upgrades: Maintenance windows for firmware/system software release upgrades are dramatically reduced, unauthorized upgrades are easily uncovered, release incompatibility-induced outages are eliminated and bugs/defects are fixed faster To get an independent analyst’s perspective, including two real world deployment stories, download Enterprise Management Associates’ white paper: Transforming Data Centers with VCE Converged Infrastructure Systems and Management SoftwareFor additional related white papers and streaming videos, go to: IT professionals generally acknowledge that infrastructure configuration changes are a major source (if not the major source) of unexpected IT service degradations and, worse, unplanned outages.  Moreover, because the pace of business is so fast and meeting application service level objectives is so critical to business operations, even planned downtime (i.e., maintenance windows) to make infrastructure component and configuration changes are no longer tolerable.IT organizations implementing well-conceived policies go a long way to control change management chaos.  ISTM-oriented change management processes, change management systems, and staff (e.g., Change Managers and Change Advisory Boards) are commonplace.  More recently, a whitepaper by Enterprise Management Associates identified an unexpected source of change management innovation through converged infrastructure systems and their purpose-built management software.Let’s look at three common change management use cases:Incident Workarounds: In the heat of battle, when a service incident occurs, IT organizations following best practices have change management policies in place, giving Operations Engineers permission to immediately take prescribed actions (e.g., reboot a physical or virtual resource whose role and relationships are well-understood, divert network traffic elsewhere, invoke a command to move a workload, etc.) without having to ask permission. Take actions outside policy parameters, and you’re likely to put out one fire, only to start another somewhere else.Problem Resolution: Full root cause resolution may require pulling a faulty switch off the network fabric, a blade from a rack, or a disk from a storage array to replace them or to apply a patch or firmware to fix a component’s defect.  Here’s where maintenance windows interrupt business, and data and workloads must quickly find a new temporary home during system change (i.e., component repair/replacement).Infrastructure Upgrades: There comes a time when every IT component must be upgraded (i.e., new firmware releases to upgrade hardware and new software releases to upgrade operating systems and hypervisors). Upgrades are among the biggest sources of planned downtime (i.e., taking days to weeks to apply new releases) as well as unplanned downtime (i.e., outages often resulting from the deployment of unauthorized, incompatible releases).last_img read more

Introduce Your Customers to Our Award-Winning Servers

first_imgTop-end PowerEdge solutions cap strong 2017 performance with ‘Server of the Year’ awardsThe latest Dell EMC PowerEdge servers were specifically designed for the modernization required to drive IT transformation – and there’s a product to suit almost every business need.Regardless of your customers’ industry, size or workload demands, you’re able to offer them an innovative PowerEdge server solution that will help enable transformation in the most efficient and effective way for their business.Award-Winning Enterprise-Class SolutionsTwo Dell EMC PowerEdge solutions at the enterprise end of our comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge servers have recently been named as Server Products of the Year 2017 by industry publication IT Pro*.The Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 was awarded Best 1U Server, while the Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd also received the top-tier accolade for Best 2U Server. The awards were judged by IT Pro’s editorial team.Particularly recommended for their “mightily impressive storage options” and “sheer processing power that’s tough to beat” respectively, the R640 and R740xd sit at the mission-critical end of a diverse portfolio of PowerEdge servers that’s proving incredibly popular with organizations of all sizes.They are joined by our top-performing PowerEdge R740 server, which offers exceptional application performance and storage scalability.Advanced Servers, Accelerated BusinessFor customers looking for dense software-defined storage capabilities and faster processing performance for cloud applications, virtualization environments and web tech, these high-end solutions present three great propositions:PowerEdge R640 – Dense, general-purpose scale-out compute nodeThe Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 server offers an ideal mix of density, performance and storage capacity in a 1U/2S platform. With up to 8 NVMe drives, 1.5TB of memory, Intel Xeon Scalable processors and the ability to choose 2.5” or 3.5” drives, R640 can easily adapt to application demands, making it an excellent choice for high-performance computing (HPC) requirements.PowerEdge R740 – General-purpose workhorse, optimized for workload accelerationThe PowerEdge R740 is the perfect workhorse for demanding environments, providing the ideal balance between storage, I/O and application acceleration in a 2U/2S platform. Are your customers running up against processing limits of older generation servers and finding that they need more memory and CPU performance? If they’re looking for an ideal VDI solution or artificial intelligence/machine learning server, steer them towards the R740.PowerEdge R740xd – Optimized for workloads, with incredible local storage flexibility and capacityWith its ability to mix NVMe, SSD and HDD, the PowerEdge R740xd is a superb choice for customers with software-defined storage requirements. An outstanding database server, delivering high IOPS with up to 24 NVMe drives, it delivers the perfect balance of storage scalability, capacity and performance. This is an ideal platform for uncompromising storage performance and data set processing in a 2U/2S form factor.Promote These Award-Winning Products to Your CustomersWe’ve created a whole host of product-focused marketing assets that are specifically designed to help you promote these top-performing Dell EMC PowerEdge products to your customers.Within your Partner Playbook, you can find everything you need to build the business case and drive demand with co-branded emails and 3rd party white papers.  All supported by Battlecards and Quick Reference Guides available on SalesEdge for Channel, to give you all the essential technical specifications information you need. Go to the Partner Playbook now.Access SalesEdge for Channel.* read more

Power Trip Connects Influential Women Leaders

first_imgAs a leader in technology and business, we believe investing in women is a winning strategy that ultimately helps boost the global economy. Women make impactful contributions to all aspects of our business and we’re committed to accelerating the powerful role of women in the workforce and economic growth. We’re helping provide better access to areas where women have historically been underserved: technology, capital and networks.So, what happens when women at the top of their craft are brought together for two days full of sharing, networking and inspiration? A whirlwind of opportunities and innovation follows.Marie Claire is back for another year of hosting Power Trip—an exclusive 36-hour pop-up conference in San Francisco that places highly successful businesswomen in center focus. Along with Intel, we’ll be there powering it from start to finish.This high-speed, high-profile summit will fly over 100 boss businesswomen from New York to San Francisco and pack their trip with fun surprises, ample networking and thought-provoking panels. Power Trip’s impressive roster of speakers from previous years include: Jennifer Garner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kendra Scott, and many more. Hot topics from empowering your community to harnessing the power of networks will be covered.We’re proud to be part of Power Trip for another amazing year. Power Trip stands tall as a one-of-kind conference that provides a platform for influential women to be inspired by one another and uncover new opportunities.It’s a meeting of minds where women drive the conversation forward, share breakthrough solutions, and spearhead innovation. Even for those who aren’t physically attending, there will still be plenty to watch and learn.Catch the exciting action on our social media accounts and find out how technology is powering women and their businesses, so it can power yours too.For updates from the Marie Claire Power Trip, follow on Instagram at @DellTech.last_img read more

Dutch police clash with anti-lockdown protesters in 2 cities

first_imgTHE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Rioters have set blazes in the center of the southern Dutch city of Eindhoven and pelted police with rocks at a banned demonstration against coronavirus lockdown measures. Officers responded with tear gas and water cannon and arrested at least 55 people. Police in the capital of Amsterdam also used a water cannon to disperse an outlawed demonstration against the lockdown on a major square ringed by museums. Video showed police spraying people grouped against a wall of the Van Gogh Museum. In Eindhoven, 125 kilometers (78 miles) south of Amsterdam, a central square near the city’s main railway station was littered with rocks, bicycles and shattered glass.last_img read more

Biden’s Commerce pick, Raimondo, voices tough line on China

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden’s pick to oversee the Commerce Department has taken a tough line on China in her confirmation hearing. But Gina Raimondo stopped short of singling out which Chinese companies should remain on a list that limits their access to advanced U.S. technology. Raimondo is the first woman elected governor of Rhode Island. She says China’s actions have been anti-competitive and hurtful to American workers and she will use all tools at her disposal to level the playing field for American workers. Raimondo also focused her testimony Tuesday on the need to help those sectors of the economy and the workers hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.last_img read more

Indonesian volcano unleashes river of lava in new eruption

first_imgYOGYAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia’s most active volcano has erupted with a river of lava and searing gas clouds flowing down its slopes. A monitoring official says the lava flow is Mount Merapi’s longest since the mountain’s danger level was raised in November. Authorities at that time evacuated nearly 2,000 people living on the mountain but most have since returned. A warning for people to keep at least 3 miles from the crater is still in effect. Merapi is on densely populated Java island near the ancient city of Yogyakarta. It is the most active of dozens of Indonesian volcanoes.last_img read more

Virus variant from South Africa detected in US for 1st time

first_imgCOLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A new variant of the coronavirus has emerged in the United States. The new version poses yet another public health challenge in a country already losing more than 3,000 people to COVID-19 every day. The mutated virus was first identified in South Africa before being found in two cases in South Carolina. State public health officials say it’s almost certain that there are more infections that have not been identified yet. They are also concerned that this version spreads more easily and that vaccines could be less effective against it. The two South Carolina cases do not appear to be connected.last_img read more

Former Obama aide to be tapped as Iran envoy, angering hawks

first_imgWASHINGTON (AP) — A top national security aide to former President Barack Obama will be tapped as U.S. envoy for Iran. A senior State Department official and several other people familiar with the matter say Secretary of State Antony Blinken will name Rob Malley as the Biden administration’s point person on Iran. The appointment is to be formally announced Friday. Malley currently runs the International Crisis Group. Iran hawks are aghast, believing Malley to be a key architect of the 2015 nuclear deal that former President Donald Trump withdrew from. Deal supporters have praised Malley for his expertise.last_img read more

Health workers start anti-coup protests in virus-hit Myanmar

first_imgJAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Medical workers across Myanmar have begun a civil disobedience protest against Monday’s coup, wearing red ribbons and declaring they won’t work for the military government. The army takeover that ousted the civilian government of Aung San Suu Kyi over allegations of fraud in November’s elections could not have come at a worse time for a country battling a steady rise in COVID-19 cases with an inadequate and poorly funded health system. One doctor in Yangon, the nation’s biggest city, says “we want to show the world we are totally against military dictatorship and we want our elected government and leader back.” Photos in social media show medical workers with red ribbons pinned to their clothes.last_img read more

Future of Holocaust research in Poland hinges on libel case

first_imgWARSAW, Poland (AP) — Two Polish scholars are facing a libel trial for a scholarly examination of Polish behavior during World War II. The judge’s ruling in the case is expected to determine the fate of independent Holocaust research under Poland’s nationalist government. A verdict is expected in Warsaw’s district court on Feb. 9. It is the first closely watched Holocaust speech case since Poland sought to pass a law in 2018 that would have criminalized falsely blaming Poland for Germany’s Holocaust crimes. Those criminal penalties were dropped after the legislation sparked a major diplomatic row with Israel.last_img read more