Keywords difference between upper and lowercase letters containing the English

you see, I love Shanghai in search LED is used, the relevant search words appear all lowercase, so you can think of this as the main reference. The same method is also applicable to our Shanghai dragon industry. As can be seen from the figure, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon people search lowercase is greater than the human capital of Shanghai dragon search.

I declare that the above two maps for a website on my data, two pictures of the data collection is only 10 minutes. Why are there two different results, mainly because I before the website title and keywords in LED are all upper case, I found that the capital will have problems yesterday, so the station immediately put all uppercase LED into lowercase led. But when I changed to lowercase, and then query a webmaster tools, capital LED advertising vehicle, LED mobile advertising vehicle, LED advertising vehicle are ranked, and changed to lowercase, Shanghai love all the words actually have no ranking, this is why? A case will such a big difference? Believe it or not, the difference is so big. In fact, this is a user search habits analysis. Because the LED car search advertising people are generally not very proficient in computer, so they will always be in the input when to switch the input method, rather than directly to click on the keyboard Caps Look the switch sensitive keys. So I concluded that peer LED search advertising car of many people, but the real user led search advertising car of many people, this is I want to capitalize all my LED site has been converted into a small led. read more

Website optimization how to correctly collect content

, in short, in the site collection >

finally, make the appropriate adjustments to the content. Tried the content acquisition to their web site, careful people will find a direct copy of the content, there are some smart format, because the original in order to prevent the content from being collected, usually to increase the contents of some hidden annotation format, even in the picture of the ALT information will be copyright. If you haven’t noticed, the search engine will naturally be considered plagiarism, then the harm to the website is self-evident. Therefore, the collected content must clear format, and punctuation of English format conversion, in addition, you can add some pictures to the content, the content is more rich, if the content itself has a picture, then do not directly copy, also save the best re uploaded to the site, add their own ALT information, can let the collection content more optimization value. read more

How to search outside encounter the enemy

In this paper, by pushing the

suggests that "love Shanghai security alliance remind you: this page may have been illegally tampered with

these suggestions can offer reference for the regular website, illegal websites or web edge ball did not actually what method can completely solve the method can completely solve the "hand".


2. will be the site of the problem completely solved, the appeal of the website can be submitted through the website, the website security alliance website free page (address: 贵族宝贝, according to the prompt did almost the same. read more

Learning to master Shanghai Dragon a correct understanding of the impact site structure of Shanghai

is currently doing optimization of Shanghai Longfeng circle, known as the View >

, the influence of DIV+CSS on Shanghai Longfeng optimization


three series, web directory on site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization

general search engine will be in favor of static pages, the stable and high reliability, and dynamic pages is easy to search engine that is extremely not sure of the website. More often, static web pages also help content crawl, and showing the effect of changes due to the dynamic, often are not conducive to the site included. But the static web page also has the disadvantages, such as the number of documents generated file is quite large, the required storage space will be gradually expanded, page maintenance is difficult, operability is weak, this situation for our Shanghai dragon optimization work is negative. The dynamic web page clearly has the advantage, backward step operation, at the same time the page less storage space. In view of the integrated advantages of these two kinds of state of disadvantage, in order to facilitate the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, improve the site’s search rankings and included, most owners will choose a processing method and the "pseudo static dynamic, thus contribute to the website content included at the same time can be well maintained this web page is clearly in favor of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. read more

Noble baby search results from the same domain name page 7 results more

is only 20% and not all the results are so, look nobility baby is using new format: whether the child links should appear in the main link below, for example: 1) PC Tools is a brand of 2) have related links below the first row main links will not (each link is all about this brand of 3) when searching for krill, the first row is Wikipedia, a result display is 7.

nobility baby to the traditional 10 search results display 7, and each page all the probability of the same domain becomes large.

The following read more

Lu Guofu let down the right site to become clouds

so that the space is not stable in the first point, the stability of visual space is very important. Many novice in the early days of the site in order to save the cost of using cheap space, the website is slightly better, with the space is not stable, or slow site access, or directly to the site open, this site is done for everyone is not love. I help a friend factor optimization site www.iphone010贵族宝贝 is in such a space is not stable, just a few days the site space often can’t open phenomenon, resulting in directly to the site to be plucked, I early have done a good job with the site space has been stabilized, the site after three or four days, all included back, we can see a screenshot: read more

The ultimate optimization need to do the station outside the station and synchronization and

website optimization, mainly for the inside and outside the station optimization and stood outside the chain optimization.


tag relatively has little effect, can write can not write. The description tag as shown in a tag search results to let the user know the site as a whole, I think don’t stack keywords in the description tag, as long as the general content of the site placed inside the inductive description tag line, and control the number of words on the line about 150 characters. Some words are piled up in the station to the description tag, description tag stack keywords actually not necessarily useful, but also a great reaction, no one will be sentenced for the website keyword stuffing. There are navigation optimization, I believe that everybody knows, the text try to use for navigation, do not use pictures, FLASH, JS code on the line. Maintain a neat and clean interface. Optimization methods of other aspects such as structure, within the chain, the content of the network of many articles on the subject, here I will not say. read more

n the face of frequent updates we love Shanghai should remain unchanged

sum up, I want to tell you is to abide by the occupation morals, as long as you do, the right to the optimization and promotion, so love is either Shanghai or any other search engines are not without reason K station, you have to remember: now to your every move is also responsible, so do Shanghai dragon website optimization. The ghost in the valley gate animation training 贵族宝贝guigumen贵族宝贝/ website optimization wind Ying explained, there is no >

first, we update the station. According to the own animation training website GUI door to explain in detail as an example, remember the February love Shanghai also made substantial adjustments, at that time the site died, causing the site to be K left home, in the self-study examination found that the original had website article content all from the system to collect or copy paste artificially simple, whether it is for the search engine or for our loyal users are meaningless, there is no novelty at all, then the author insists on the original update for more than a month, to start to write from the user angle, when the user accidentally found this article and read it after a certain harvest, this is our ultimate goal. Said so much, I want to say is not only for the optimization and optimization, not only to update the number of completed daily updates, to know the benefits of better update a meaningful article than to update several pieces of garbage article create more, don’t do some useless to chance of love Shanghai K station. read more

The love of Shanghai know that the construction of high quality site outside the chain

      here to share with you love Shanghai know a few skills with the chain.

      with a URL can be tricky in the content of the answer, do not normally experience directly with web site, and then submit a is love Shanghai audit, so it belongs to fail, answer the question must be shielded.

      website optimization, the emphasis is the content and the chain. The content of good, adhere to the theme of the site of the original correlation can; the chain is tricky, you can say, write some good articles to high weight website submission will be able to get the high quality of the chain, for example, our "grassroots network" can write some original articles to A5, Chinaz the above contributions, but that would require some writing skills, as a chain of novice, how can the fastest access to high quality sites outside the chain? Then come with love Shanghai know that the construction of high quality site outside the chain problem. read more

Kiki let Shanghai dragon by strategizing flow in invisible

A5 demo, this "HTML code" series, A5 to take home.

webmaster should with a global view of the site, in order to strategizing, by flow in invisible.

1800 is the word search volume index "webmaster" love Shanghai.

shouted here to say, the final decision is reasonable traffic to the site keywords ranking. Do not just do the target keywords ranking, is the long tail word ranking.

A5 page and the article page to show

keyword ranking refers to: the competition for small words, we have web page of the article or topic to do the first; competition of words, we use the home page to do three. read more