Break up the whole into parts is a good sales

in the sale of the big market, sales methods are very much, for operators, only to find the appropriate business methods, will make the sales of goods to be improved, the store’s performance has been increasing. Here, Xiao Bian can introduce a sales method for everyone, this is the "break up the whole into parts" sales method.

recently, the reporter visited the retail customers, heard a rural store owner spoke of a phenomenon: with the development of the economy, rural children get more pocket money from their parents up. However, in order to allow children to develop good habits, parents give their children to spend a lot of money to take a small number of ways. As a child in the hands of only 80 Fen pieces of money, they can only buy a small amount of time to store the goods or small objects. For higher prices and large quantities of goods, children will not pay attention to.

coincidentally, the reporter thought of another thing. For the children of this buying habits, there is a well-known enterprise specializing in the production of children’s food for a simple adjustment in the production and sale of products on the way: the product manufacturers are using the original package, a package price of five or six yuan; considering the large packaging in small packaging is independent, so manufacturers a change of strategy in the product packaging marked "each pouch retail, please open sales.".


manufacturers to adjust? The reasons are as follows: one is the target consumer groups in the consumption of limited capacity, large sales beyond their capacity; two is the large amount of goods, customers to buy up to spend more, not easy to carry; three is the customer to buy one or two times after eat, will put to trouble, and very easy to cause waste.

so, smart manufacturers came up with this idea, will "break up the whole into parts" sales of products. As a result, only 5 cents per bag of goods, it corresponds to the capacity of the child, they are welcome. This selling method, can be described as retail retail".

of course, this is just a way to sell the market only, in the end it does not apply, naturally need to be more research and development. So, the idea for the retail store whether or not, but also the actual sales situation. Retail customers friends, if you feel that this method of selling in line with local consumption, then might as well try, maybe you can help increase the number of sales.

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