The 6 principles of home textile store display

life when people add good, must be to improve their quality of life, home is the need for rectification of the object, with nearly two years of "textile store display" concept popular, more and more textile enterprises realized the importance of enhancing the brand image display, the entire industry will pay close attention to. How do the display. When the display in the overall display planning schemes, and the design theme of unity is a must abide by the principles of. In addition, the following areas need special attention:

first, understand the company’s annual marketing plan

plans to develop the company’s annual market, mainly should be aware of the following aspects: increase the number of stores; how to enlarge store area; improve store growth plan; discount promotions, gifts, VIP customer management plan; regional tendency plan; price adjustment plan; advertising and media plan; on one year this season etc..

two, to understand the designer of the new product design and planning

textile store designer in the new season of the product design, merchandising and do not wait, but should keep abreast of ideas and progress, the designers at the same time, start a new season of terminal display case.

three, understand the new season fabric order and production schedule

brand every quarter fabric kind of order is usually numerous, sometimes the number will be over a hundred, in addition to the composition of fabric, order quantity, delivery date, according to the fabric design direction is Chen Lieshi must master the information. Only the mind is impossible to remember all these information, can not completely use color and pattern to distinguish merchandising company should be in accordance with the uniform number communication with other departments to improve work efficiency, and avoid unnecessary trouble. With this information, the time series of the product line, the store by the fabric, the layout of the shop and the idea came into being.

four, understand the new listing plan, color system integration

in the planning process, there is a very important process, that is, the face of hundreds of fabric color system integration. Designers in the process of product design is not a color scheme? Yes, designers in the design will have a set of color scheme, but only one set. As Chen Lieshi, only a collocation scheme is not enough, because the actual situation is not necessarily the collocation designer can deal with all textile store, can not be recognized by the market, the first reaction is by changing the display to promote sales, this is the second time plan, Chen Lieshi prepared third program display skills to the full.


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