Anhui cultural and creative products of going out to participate in the Beijing Fair

with the rapid development of economy, our living standards mentioned improved significantly, many innovative products will continue to come out, occupy a certain position in the market, especially in our province with the fast economic development, remarkable achievements have been acquired in the cultural and creative products. October 27th, China Beijing international cultural and Creative Industry Expo opening, the province selected 15 cultural relics units, cultural enterprises, more than more than and 200 kinds of exhibits exhibiting.


exhibition area of 270 square meters, the exhibition layout large screen electronic Huizhou architecture fenqiangdaiwa elements and fashionable combination, around the "cultural leading fashion, creativity into life" theme, respectively, to take home the museum "tradition and fashion" and "creative walk into the life of three large plates, prominent the exhibition with the Anhui regional characteristics and cultural characteristics of cultural and creative products and cultural tourism souvenirs for our province cultural and creative products of" going out "to build the information exchange, trading, project cooperation platform.

Anhui as a rising city, the economic development of a more comprehensive, the status of the country gradually highlights. The exhibition of Anhui cultural and creative products are both representative of traditional cultural emblem pen, ink, paper and inkstone, also in Anhui, Hong bin silk painting cauliflower jade etc.. Particularly striking is that this year more than 800 independent design products in Anhui province museum for the first time in the exhibition. One thousand pieces of Anhui cultural and creative products, showcasing the latest achievements of cultural and creative industries in the development of our province.

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