Mid Autumn Festival is approaching how to promote the clothing store

from the Mid Autumn Festival a few days, a holiday, a lot of clothing stores are beginning to eager for a fight, want to take advantage of the holiday to make a fortune. Indeed, the holiday is a good opportunity for the clothing store held promotional activities, if we can take advantage of the absolute can let sales line store up, and now the recent holiday is the Mid Autumn Festival, so in the Mid Autumn Festival shop should be how to promote? The following small series to support a few strokes.

1, do a good job before the promotion of publicity

now "wine is also afraid of deep alley, good mid autumn festival before the promotion of publicity work is the premise to achieve the purpose of promotion.

2, clever promotion policy

(1), play the charm of


whenever the McDonald’s in the holidays are All seats are occupied., what is the reason? The original dining is not only a health, convenience, and delicious fast food, especially for children is more attractive toy gifts, each kind of toys are different creative novel. The needs of the children brought the whole family’s consumption, the children eat music, toys hand, happy, parents are more willing to dig a little pocket. Gifts cost is not high, due to the large number of low cost, fast food restaurants with a small amount of free gifts brought a huge return.

(3), pay attention to innovation

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