Coffee shop decoration design needs our attention

        coffee shop decoration design we need to pay attention to what? Follow the diversified development of contemporary life, the prospects for the development of people for the coffee shop very understanding, many people choose to open a coffee shop, shop decoration we need to pay attention to the following points.

        shop decoration has many different styles according to different business projects, large shopping malls, hotel with luxury decoration, with modern, and open a small coffee shop can also have their own style and features. So for the coffee shop in the specific store decoration design, can follow the following two principles:

        first, the decoration must have the advertisement effect. To give consumers a strong visual stimulation. Put the coffee shop window decorated with unique or strange shape to create new styles in appearance, in order to attract consumers.

        second, the decoration should be combined with the characteristics of coffee association. Novel and unique decoration is not only a visual stimulation of consumers, more importantly, so that consumers did not enter the store to know what may be inside.

        coffee shop decoration and design, with particular attention to the following issues:

        1, to prevent the flow of people into the coffee shop crowded.

        2, the bar should be set in a conspicuous place, so as to facilitate customer consultation.

        3, the layout of the coffee shop to reflect a unique atmosphere to adapt to the coffee.

        4, make full use of various colors. The walls, ceilings, lights, coffee and drinks make up the coffee shop. Different colors of people’s psychological stimulation is not the same: Purple tone, layout look gorgeous and noble; with the yellow tone, layout is the blue tone, soft; layout is subtle; with white tone, layout is lifeless; in red tone, the layout is warm. The use of color is not a single, but comprehensive. In different periods, seasons, holidays, the use of color is not the same; winter and summer is not the same. Different people of color are not the same reaction, children of strong red, orange, blue and green color reaction; young women on the acute reaction. In this regard, the use of lighting is particularly important.

        5, the coffee shop in the best light recommended

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