The nternet allows returnees willing to return to Rural Entrepreneurship

electricity supplier of the popular degree of a year higher than a year, so that all walks of life engaged in commercial sales of entrepreneurs are aware of the charm of the network. This year, the electricity supplier for the preparation of the double 11, have snapped up the Chongqing venture labor products, so that Zhou Shengfu saw a good future of network entrepreneurship.

The young entrepreneur Zhou Shengfu

he has quality, style and price to win the competition, the product has been in short supply, the success among the top three industry segments. Even if the profits of each piece of clothing is not high, the huge sales still allow him to get a lot of money, even if the clothing prices fell year after year, he can still rely on the scale of the diluted cost and gain profit space. In recent years, he has completed several rounds of investment by profit margins, and does not need to borrow.

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