Where to open the steamed stuffed bun

steamed stuffed bun is a popular food, the steamed stuffed bun store opened in a suitable position to attract a lot of good business. Today, open bun store is very market, in line with people’s fast-paced work and life needs. So, the steamed stuffed bun store open where good? What are the site selection techniques?

there in the market, next to the pedestrian streets, stores and other stores, Baozi service people are not the same. In the next place is close to the market supply and demand, the target population is family oriented; roadside is aimed to work or by hungry people; the store is early in dinner eat dumplings of the crowd, some of them are occasional, also have a over (eat, noodles more always want to change).

1, according to the characteristics of a first grade name.

2, humanization, nor is it what the details of the details of the facility configuration, but the boss and staff to bring the life of the steamed stuffed bun. Customers are facing the shop around the work, life of the fixed population. This sign is the highlight of the boss. When the food shop chowhound provided has been able to basically meet the appetite (that is, when the door chowhound in this area is difficult to improve the taste, shop owner) brought by the one and only approachable characteristics (the so-called humanization).

There will be countless stalls chowhound next to

to successfully open the steamed stuffed bun franchise, you first need to clear positioning, choose a good location is very important. For the novice, the location of the steamed bun franchise is to let everyone very annoying thing. Where to open the store? More than two lots is very suitable for the opening of the steamed bun franchise.


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