Who will control the spread of vulgar name

walking in the high streets and back lanes should not be denied that, admittedly, is indeed there are many new names very attractive, however, also have a lot of vulgar name unbearable. In the name, many have been avoided in the Convention, is with the past "find everything fresh and new, so the center" and "XX clothing store" compared to the name now appears many new changes: such as business clothing store named "cloth in place", "Wardrobe", "sweet", "you pick you" "," free "demon cool flower", and "elsewhere".

store named "upper" and "shoe"; the barber shop named "love made silk", "Silk Ben"; the florist named "gold wood teaser"; the cafe named "E times", "love" and so on. There are some really memorable names, such as "bourgeois" and so on, but because personality is too strong, after the launch attracted a lot of controversy, the final result is not registered in the business sector was banned.

A clothing store

Jiefang Road boss said, the name is actually a facade, before the store opened to take an appropriate, catchy name to move a lot of thought. A good name to attract customers will have a "name" effect, very permanent advertising charm, so that the customers can be gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. But a good name can improve the entire store grades, can also reflect the owner’s taste and personality.

opened a restaurant called "food is the house", the house opened a restaurant, called "incense is the house". Operators said that the hotel close to the University, you have to mention a elegant name. Local industry and Commerce Department, said the two names without approval, it is impossible to be approved. The hotel is operating without a license, has been ordered to correct.

what is "eat the house", "incense is the house"? "The municipal government" and "township government" is a homonym for it. Excuse not like two male shop owner that, because the phrase "hunger breeds discontentment", so the first "food", "food is named after the opening of the palace; hotel is mainly meat, will come up with a" sweet ", named" Xiang zhengfu". To eat is the house, incense is the house, a kind of text as a hotel name, apparently will cause adverse social impact, was stopped in the sense of things.

in recent years, businesses in the name of innovation and seeking has become a popular social phenomenon, its purpose is to earn the eyeball, gather popularity, maximise their business interests. For example, some of the clothing store named "rabbit", some of the barbecue shop named "eight way", and even a casual dress shop named "her grandmother a bear"…… At the same time, businesses with no ground for blame. From a marketing perspective, a good name is a sign, a fortune, can add color to take care of business, can bring business opportunities.

a good name in addition to understand a good mind, there is widespread recognition, "

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