Small pine Japanese cuisine join process

Japanese cuisine has been a popular restaurant Chinese welcome to join one of the items, today Xiaobian to recommend a good Japanese restaurant to join the project — small Japanese pine nuts, to join the Xiaobian a look at how to join!

small pine Japanese joining process is as follows:

a, access to information:

joined the division, not to their own imagination, a lot of detailed information, need to understand relevant information, small pine nuts Japanese restaurant business can contact us to get the intention of franchising.

two, investigation project:

can’t just learn on the Internet or phone, or the need for field investigation and analysis, communication with business model, join conditions, or to a small Japanese pine company franchise stores fieldwork.

three, officially joined:


to choose the brand, brand characteristics and concepts also need to pay more attention to the franchisee, also need to acknowledge the join conditions and small pine Japanese food company philosophy, intends to join the city newspaper, their own conditions, visit the company identified.

four, signed a contract:

if both sides are not what objection, can also get professional support from headquarters, the franchisee to pay to join the brand headquarters of Japanese pine gold, signed a franchise contract.

five, headquarters support:

headquarters will also provide a range of support and help to join the cause of the latter to lay a good foundation. Small pine Japanese headquarters to join the marketing operation, operation principle, management concept, principle of product use, rehabilitation, training. Franchisee sent to headquarters franchise stores to receive free comprehensive knowledge training, product promotion, project knowledge and sales skills training. To the small pine Japanese Restaurant franchisees to provide free: decoration drawings, work uniforms, badges, authorization cards and other relevant legal documents required for the required information about and join project equipment.

six, determine the store:

store choice, in fact, is also very critical, suitable for store and store location, in order to protect the development of the latter. Small pine Japanese Restaurant franchisees return business location, find a store, to determine the location for license.

seven, opening preparation:

has just opened, but also need a lot of preparation for future projects >

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