Several points of knowledge must be mastered in the operation of the shop

shop to do business, is definitely not a simple investment and purchase, which is a lot of business secrets, we must all understand, some people think that open shop is easy, as long as good glasses shop goods, you can make money by. So, is this really the case? Imagine, if you do not understand the relevant knowledge of glasses, how to provide customers with the right products. If you don’t know how to do business, sales. If you do not understand the knowledge of industrial and commercial tax, how can we do all kinds of procedures, so that legitimate business? So you want to open a good glasses shop, you have to master the following knowledge.

1, legitimate business knowledge, including the relevant laws and regulations and private partnerships, limited to; financing; how to apply for business registration; the relevant formalities of tax registration;; tax; how to receive and purchase invoices and so on a series of knowledge.

2, marketing knowledge, including market research and forecasting; customer consumption psychology grasp; pricing knowledge and strategies; sales channels and ways to master; marketing management knowledge.

3, glasses knowledge, including wholesale and retail channels of supply; optical shop type, quality and related measurement knowledge; custody transportation knowledge; lens recognition knowledge.

4, capital and financial knowledge, including monetary and financial knowledge; can account accounting knowledge; financial accounting knowledge, etc..

5, service industry knowledge, including service industry management laws and regulations and professional service industry rules, business knowledge.

6, labor and social security knowledge

7, other public relations, economic law and other knowledge

A few points above

is about the need to pay attention to open stores such details, still have many deficiencies, I hope you can pay more attention to these knowledge are not simple, before opening glasses shop, as entrepreneurs is to grasp the. Now, many people open glasses shop, want to make money, but also need to work hard, the next point of mind. In a word, it is not easy to set up shop.

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