Lanzhou million business plan to achieve innovation and entrepreneurial achievements

hot wave in the mass innovation, entrepreneurship in the Gansu, Lanzhou is not far behind, and vigorously promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship. Based on the "million business plan", to solve the social problems in the process of employment.

as the new engine of the development of Lanzhou New District, 000 enterprises plan to promote a batch of young teams and individuals in good policy opportunities to dream and hope for the further optimization of the new mode of economic growth.

create key people, can fully stimulate people’s creativity is the key step on the opportunity to express their. At present, our city development to support the technology frontier technology and talent base is still relatively weak, therefore, must fully respect the security interests, talents, talents to maximize the creativity of people, to attract and encourage more people to join the innovation and entrepreneurship.

"promote public entrepreneurship, innovation", but also need the government to further accelerate the pace of reform, decentralization, subject to market innovation space, setting up the stage, to maintain a fair competitive market environment. Efforts to improve the policy system conducive to entrepreneurship, the implementation and improvement of tax incentives to encourage workers to start their own businesses, small loans, capital subsidies, venue arrangements and other support policies.

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