Sales are small tricks for you to analyze 4 sales knowledge

want to do business, bigger, inseparable from the sale. A rich experience of sales staff and a person who does not understand the gap is very large, grasp the sales knowledge, you will be able to seize the consumer psychology, rapid business. So how to display products like customers, how to promote business? In the face of different customers, to choose different sales methods, the following to understand the next 4 sales methods.

my sales skills benefited from once in a foreign company, received a complete staff training. As the saying goes, the biggest cost of an enterprise is the lack of trained staff. Now, I have to work on the company’s monthly staff training, business level steadily, the company is also a straight line of business. It can be said that the future belongs to knowledge! The more knowledge, the more able to become a sales champion.

1. store knowledge

2. product knowledge

if is a sell beauty products sales, she recommended when customers buy, let the customer touch her with his long hair and smooth cosmetics, so she to customers to introduce this product features — make hair shiny, customers will often believe. If a salesperson selling air conditioning, the customer asked how much power consumption for a month, and not answer. So, let him how to say this air conditioning energy saving, customers will not be persuaded!

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