How to operate a home appliance store to make money

in the market no matter what business can not blindly do, is the need for sales and management of the countermeasures and skills, then open a home appliance store and what strategy? Here’s what to do.

1, store marketing

2, advertising and marketing

in the mainstream media advertising costs too much, as long as the TV ads stopped, customers do not buy it. Advertising should be done in the district. The promotion of solar energy products suitable for small towns and villages. Therefore, to spend heavily on television, radio, newspapers, advertising signs and other unrealistic, but spend less money for sun umbrella, banners, posters, wall and other forms of advertising brand communication is the most desirable, so there are plans to carry out the regional market of low cost and high quality promotion is necessary, and strong promotion on the basis of these, the sales will continue to achieve new breakthroughs.   we can do some publicity is practical, such as the release of information, the newspaper published a gift shop phone, comic books, and other publications, can also engage in some local event marketing, such as the donation of the local nursing home and environmentally friendly solar water heater with a positive or etheric useful to store the local form of donation school poor school bags and other public activities, with the help of the local media a whoop and a holler. Engage in some activities, such as: to replace the old, set up a solar rescue station, donated to the maintenance of solar energy and other activities, big service reputation, in short, is to spend the least money to do the biggest thing. So as to promote the brand, but also to the local people left a good impression, try to play the boss in Suizhou’s political power to achieve win-win.

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