How to open 24 hours convenience store location

convenience store is one of the indispensable shops in people’s lives, it can provide consumers with daily necessities. If you want to open 24 hours need to store a lot of thinking problem, study the market, choose a suitable location.


24 hours convenience store site conditions is the core of the traffic flow within the district. The main factors affecting the flow are: the number of households in the business district, the number of enterprises and institutions; after the entrance of the crowd, traffic flow; the shape of the road, the shape of the sidewalk, the degree of openness around the store, etc.. Foreign mature 24 hours convenience store business district, usually in the center of the store as the center, the radius of about 300 meters in small and medium-sized cities, the radius is expanded to about 500 meters. The target population of each store between 2600-3000 people, such as a family of 3.6 people, the number of households in the 722-833 households. The main points of the 24 hour convenience store are summarized as follows:

24 hours convenience store is located in " life path "

The so-called

24 hours convenience store next to the station

here mainly refers to the subway station. Or a number of official vehicles brought together, large passenger bus station. Close to the station can bring more mobile customers to the store.

24 hours convenience store has enough living population

General district should ensure that there are more than 3000 of the population living there are 24 hours in the store on foot 5-7 minutes within 24 hours of convenience stores, so as to have to play 24 hours convenience store convenience function.

24 hours convenience store close to the gathering place

can gather people’s place mainly refers to government agencies, the theater, police station, hospital, school recommendation

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