Chengdu global innovation and entrepreneurship Fair

now whether it is engaged in industry, agriculture, or the third industry, the development is inseparable from innovation and entrepreneurship. China is in the process of economic restructuring, through innovation and reform can effectively stimulate more market forces to achieve a take-off again.

11 9 to 11, a period of three days of the country’s first global innovation and entrepreneurship fair, so that Chengdu once again harvest global attention. As a "venture Tianfu", Chengdu not only do their own, from the "Chengdu", is to open the door to welcome guest, let the world focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu, share with the world the eternal theme of the development of human society.

"we harvested from the meeting of the important information is cooperation. If the cooperation between countries, it will be a lot of talent gathered together, followed by more and better technology." In November 10, 2015, the global innovation and entrepreneurship Chengdu consensus Roundtable, Morgan hill, American vice mayor Marilyn · in the booth said at the meeting.

"EU" Horizon 2020 program "and" double "strategy Chinese agree without prior without previous consultation, the two sides have very extensive cooperation in the field of innovation. The intersection of the platform, so that we can better enter the innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu." As Europe’s largest science park, technology park France Sophia CEO, Philip · in the roundtable site Mariani dished out the "olive branch", "we made the recommendation

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