A domain name was registered online auction price of 100 thousand yuan

"parade.Com" and "dayuebing.com" domain name has been registered users on the Internet yesterday, with 100 thousand yuan price auction. Related parties, if some people were identified as malicious behavior, will be subject to appropriate sanctions regulations.

last year has registered a large parade domain name

"in December last year, I registered the" big parade "domain name." Yesterday, netizens called "Mr. Jiao cybersquatting" said proudly: domain name trading is very common now, last year, he had a premonition that "parade.Com" domain name may be sold at high prices, so decided to register.

Mr. Jiao said, during the national day of hope is not to buy the domain name, only a few people call, and bids are hundreds of yuan, if there is no one to buy, he will be the domain name for myself.

in Shenyang Street site million strong, their company not with these "cybersquatting" negotiations even if the customer needs to buy a domain name, "registered guest" in the hands of the domain name, they will transform sequentially through the alphabet, re registration of the domain name, will not buy.

The annual income of 100 thousand yuan registered passenger

"registered guest every year by registered the hot domain, can bring about 100 thousand of revenue." Mr. Jiao, many familiar names have been registered users and auction, permanently registered a domain name in the professional website, need only about 50 yuan, he has also purchased the domain name registration at the same time, the collection, after the sale price.

yesterday, the reporter noted in the domain of online transactions, "Liu Laogen.Com" and "CCTV" have been "registered" domain name registration, Liu Laogen is marked by the high price of 40 thousand yuan. Shenyang Dazhong media planning director Wang Jun said: as the domain name is unique, tens of millions of dollars to repurchase the domain name to spend in the south there are enterprises, but also not in the north of Shenyang.

may be illegal cybersquatting behavior

domain name cybersquatting "parade" right? Many people hold negative opinions. Public Li Demin said: Big Parade domain name should be registered by the relevant state agencies, individuals can not have this domain name.

director of Liaoning Bailian law firm Cui Xiubin explained that the judgment of cybersquatting is illegal, the first to distinguish between "cybersquatting" and "malicious cybersquatting". The first register is not "malicious cybersquatting", only by the domain name arbitration institution for arbitration or court verdict as "malicious cybersquatting", will be subject to the corresponding sanctions regulations.

According to the "

" domain name dispute solution, and the following three cases will be considered: a malicious cybersquatting complaint, the complainant has the domain name and the name of civil rights or the same symbols, is confusingly similar to the domain name holder; two, the complaint of the domain name or its main part enjoy the legitimate rights and interests; three, complaints were registered the domain name holder of the domain name or the use of malicious.


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