4 category trap entrepreneurial projects need to be vigilant

Even now,

China ushered in the "golden age" of innovation and entrepreneurship, but the venture or entrepreneurial trap or different neglect, competition has always existed, entrepreneurs need the right attitude. The following 4 types of sharing trap entrepreneurial projects, and quickly look together!

technology is not mature – not reliable

and high-tech guise, but the actual selling cabbage type goods, this is a lot of unskilled entrepreneurial projects to describe the current market is full of. In fact, the project is to process, the original draped technology coat, replaced with new technology technology name image, by some entrepreneurs. Compared to the previous one of the more popular recycled plastics project, claiming that the need to add some common items, you can produce recycled plastics, compared with the previous technical cost reduced by 50%.

is successfully planted Cordyceps, Cordyceps a similar thing. The introduction of these entrepreneurial projects mainly in order to cheat equipment fees, training fees, fees and other information technology, deceive layman. So for some investors in daily life is not the industry, must be to find a specialist familiar the situation before investing, this kind of industries including agriculture, education, environmental protection, chemical industry, building materials, household appliances, wall art, cosmetics etc..

returns high – not credible

Many high return business projects

is actually a digital game. First of all, the project claim is a profit, gross profit, product price minus the purchase price of the product profits. Venture investors need to pay attention to is, if the real business, but also shop, open channels, hire staff, pay utilities, taxes and fees…… If these costs are deducted, the project claims that profits are at least minus 60 recommended

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