Case interpretation of how to make money free mode

free can also make money? Nowadays, a lot of Internet backbone enterprises are done from the provision of free services. Free mode has become an important concept in the Internet thinking, want to know how to make money free mode? The following case for everyone to read.

a year and a half.

The use of

wide spread, coupled with the unique "free" mode of operation, it is very easy to become a classic project I was doing, more than a year earned about 3000000 yuan. That’s what I thought at first.

Second, products, product quality is the first element of product sales, if not, even if you have dozens of billion, is no good. The quality of the product determines the later development. To do a good brand, product quality is the first element.

How to

the secret re packaged up. Looking for someone to design, make their generation old Chinese name on the package looks more classical better, and write the history origin and the recipe on the package.

then recommended

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