Promoting women’s employment and Entrepreneurship

venture capital in innovation and entrepreneurship, there is a business people can not forget, women’s employment issues have to be important, important half of the sky can also play a huge force. Guangzhou Panyu to promote women’s employment work is done in place.

for the majority of rural women engaged in the work of open training programs, such as housekeeping waiter, florist, nursery teacher, nurse, nursing staff, western style pastry, and actively improve the training level, to create more jobs for the training of working women, in order to provide more and better training programs, broaden women workers training needs.

2015 registered unemployed women in the region have 2688 people, of which the re employment of 1860 people, the unemployment rate of employment difficulties of unemployed women employment rate of 69.2%; the region’s zero employment families. Help 19 women realize the dream of entrepreneurship, the cumulative issuance of small loans secured by $1 million 900 thousand, the organization held a live recruitment of 178 games, the development of employment positions of the 180 thousand.

for some female workers legal consciousness is not strong, rights consciousness and so on, the District People Club Bureau in-depth village, site enterprises, actively deployed to carry out social policy propaganda activities, advocating equality of employment, to eliminate gender discrimination, ensuring equal pay for men and women.

in promoting women’s employment and entrepreneurship, not only to ensure their interests, more needs to improve their entrepreneurial quality, therefore, entrepreneurship education can not be ignored, policies should be more perfect.


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