UNQLO brand marketing secrets after stunned

brand development, brand marketing can not be separated. A successful marketing mode, is the cornerstone of the success of the brand. In Baleno, Metersbonwe and other domestic brands are quick to shrink the front, Zara, H& M, UNIQLO and other foreign brands have vied for rapid Chinese market.

There is a famous saying: "known"


Kunimie Shingo behind the scenery, its endorsement of UNIQLO have quietly won fame and exposure. In addition, the US Open Contest, men’s singles runner up, the biggest dark horse contest, nishikori, top seed, tennis brother Novak · Djokovic is UNIQLO brand spokesperson.

to surprise, UNIQLO management in the choice of brand spokesperson on "huiyanshizhu". No wonder after many fans ridicule: whether Djokovic won, or nishikori win, will eventually win it.

and UNIQLO hand cooperation tennis players have gained remarkable achievements, and is currently ranked second in the world golf player, UNIQLO global brand ambassador Adam Scott?. A spokesman of UNIQLO fame, image, affinity and influence. Famous and popular, rapidly expanding market or maintain product sales.

UNIQLO brand spokesperson selection and farsighted remarkable. Who signed the fire! In the choice of UNIQLO brand spokesperson, what is the secret for reference


brand spokesperson is a double-edged sword

please star as a spokesperson is not what happens. With the rapid increase of advertising star and reputation of the enterprise to seize the market, but There are plenty of people who spend huge amounts of money, please star advertising last boondoggle, even "anti erosion of one meter" is also no lack of such people.

For example:

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