What kind of shop opening snack shop process

hunger breeds discontentment, snack for consumers including all residents of a natural area, has the very big development potential. Snacks to join the project is usually low threshold, quick start, very simple. So in the specific operation, open a snack bar what kind of shop process?

Step second: determine the

investment fund

The third step:

location selection

selected project, the second step of course is to choose to shop. In the choice of location, Xiaobian remind you to be careful. Because it is decided after you business is good or bad. If you choose a good project, location is not well, the same business will fail.

The fourth step:

design and rental stores

store to determine the location, should sign a lease with the landlord, the best sign for 3 years, in order to ensure the long-term business interests, not just to the recovery of funds, the rent is due. Moreover, the greater the amount of investment, the more long term requirements, can be considered a sign of more than 5 years. At the same time, from the location of the characteristics of the operator to determine what type of snacks to open the most suitable, where the focus of the product, as well as may affect the store decoration style and staffing issues. Discuss the design features and performance practices with the designer, evaluate and determine the required construction period.

The fifth step:

store decoration

project selected, shop address is selected, then the rest of the storefront is decorated. You can not look down on this decoration, a snack shop decoration is good or bad, but in addition to the taste is the key to attract guests, after all, no one wants to go to a restaurant where there is no appetite to buy things.

The sixth step:

then enters the stage the operator must design wildly beating gongs and drums, choose the shop name, trademark, font, signs, store image and color uniform, convenient colour and style in the purchase of furniture, tea, tea, combination of decoration in the future.

The seventh step:


project, shop, store decoration, all the preparatory work has been completed, then whether or not they can start shop? The answer is: of course not. In front of the shop, you have very important things need to be prepared, it is recommended to start small

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