Novice to open the supermarket to do a few points

venture capital has become more and more people’s choice, however, entrepreneurship in the end what to do, it has become a lot of people need to consider the issue. In the current era, the start of a supermarket has become a good choice, but also by many people of all ages. However, if it is a novice, open the supermarket will not have the risk?

today, many laid-off workers or unemployed are going to open a supermarket, so that the size of the supermarket such as like bamboo shoots after a spring rain coming out, increasingly fierce competition between supermarkets. Before the supermarket opened without a tiny bit of risk, even very profitable. But now, due to the increasing number of supermarket retail business, said of an aged person difficult to do business is a common phenomenon, the supermarket is not open, can not lose the industry. Therefore, the supermarket is still open to some risks. In order to avoid the risk of opening the supermarket, those who are ready to enter the retail industry prospective retail, should do the following:

a shop location, location is critical

to open the supermarket to sell goods, and the goods are sold to the general public. Therefore, the shop at the beginning of the site is crucial. Good store location, can let the shop is full of customers, Business Flourishes. The store location, store a deserted house, business is bleak. Select the store location, according to their financial strength, choose to buy or lease Shopping Center Street shops or nearby factories, schools and residential large lots, do not covet cheap rent and the choice of some remote districts.

Shopping Center Street shops, because of the huge traffic, the customer into the store rate is high, the shop business is booming. The store is located in a remote neighborhood, due to small traffic, fewer customers, the store business is light. Therefore, the store business is good, store location is critical. Shop to choose the site, half of the success.

two, shop decoration, distinctive can win

today, to open a supermarket retail businesses too much, not a long street, every ten meters, tens of meters is a home, some even just across a road to the front, front, or shoulder to shoulder in the next. So many supermarkets, competition was fierce nature. To come out on top, in many supermarkets in the competition to win, it can only rely on the "out of the ordinary.". This is the first to be reflected in the "store decoration".

now to take a walk down the street, many supermarkets from almost thousands of stores side, very similar, let the customer not appreciate the difference among, and today, the price of commodity Datong Datong, Datong and service, the customer into the store shopping, which are the same, there is not much difference. However, if there is a shop, whether it is from the shop, window layout to the layout of the shelves, and even on the shelves of goods are displayed with other supermarkets are very different, unique, then the customer will

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