2010 annual meeting of the successful completion of the Shanghai

webmaster network on January 16th, 2010 Shanghai annual meeting and Expo co owners of Internet Forum held in January 16th at the meeting of the Fudan University Research Center Hall of the afternoon, the conference hosted by V5SHOP and China station, lwash, Interactive Encyclopedia, php100, blue lion reading and co support assembly has been zhubajie.com, my net, Yanhuang network unit.

the conference is mainly through the industry elite interactive mode of electronic commerce, website promotion, operation topics related to popular in-depth study, the starry piano nets Ceng Jigui, zhubajie.com, President of Zhu Mingyue Interactive Encyclopedia President Pan Haidong, vice president Xu Xiangtao, fence net love aggregation master Guo Jijun, laggards forum Dong Qinfeng, President Chen Yizhen, DEDECMS Chinese station Fan Qing, V5Shop President Cheng Xindong and other guests were invited to attend the conference, from the city of Shanghai and the other 600 around the owners to participate in the meeting.

The first

conference by Fan Qing, President of the V5Shop Chinese website into a word of welcome new in the guest speakers and interactive links, the next part of the focus on E-commerce supply, website security, community website operation, website brand website, website optimization promotion topics such as a series of discussions and exchanges.

due to the impact of national policy, novels, movies, video, music and other content sites suffered a serious blow, Adsense on entertainment website traffic to make money era has passed, the electronic commerce is the main trend of the future development of a network, is also a huge market opportunities. So the webmaster friends through the Internet should be aware of the current situation, timely adjustment of ideas and direction. In addition to e-commerce, the segmentation of the vertical industry portal and the local vertical industry portal is also a great potential for development of the region.

the conference on the scale were higher than those of the previous webmaster general assembly, discussions with the current actual situation, active atmosphere, will actively participate in the interaction in the webmaster, to achieve a better effect of meeting. Many webmaster said through the General Assembly learned the actual combat experience, the construction of the future of the site is very helpful. At 19:00 PM, the meeting is over.


Chinese station fan Qing


V5Shop president a Sinto


participants and owners



net President Cai Liwen keynote speech


guest keynote speech


guests interactive link


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