Roll skin network a letter to the 200 thousand merchants was crazy network pass

August 13th, an article entitled "volume leather mesh: a letter" 200 thousand business announcement in the online crazy. The announcement by Wuhan chimy / volume leather mesh network science and technology limited company, the main content is to roll the skin network in August 20th will be the two anniversary of the birthday celebration of the occasion, held "1000 red packets of 0 birthday big profit promotion grab explosion activities. An electricity supplier promotional activities will cause a large number of netizens crazy pass?.

According to the announcement

reporter was informed that the volume paper network’s two year anniversary celebration is mandatory for all businesses within the platform must be involved, and to ensure that the 0 profit promotion in August 18th to 20 days, 3 days, must also launch 1 value below cost explosion models. The announcement appeared, it attracted public outcry, from businesses and consumers from the boycott of applause flooded in the network, and thus the a new slobber war.

it is understood that the volume leather mesh, for our Wuhan Network Technology Co., Ltd., founded in August 2010, after several years of development, from an electricity supplier from a simple discount site gradually to a comprehensive restructuring of discount merchandise shopping guide platform, a shopping guide platform electricity supplier industry highly influence. In the last month, and venture capital company rolling off, successfully obtained 50 million A round of financing. As a professional electricity supplier shopping platform, roll skin network gathered a large number of online buyers and merchants. Buyers get discount through the volume of the net, the merchant through the skin net to get more buyers flow, volume can be obtained from a certain percentage of the sales commission, so as to achieve the purpose of win-win three party. Since the volume of the skin has always adhered to the user experience as the highest demands, so the majority of consumers and businesses recognized.

despite the industry’s evaluation is good, but still can not resist the business of the volume of skin network activities boycott. The electricity supplier after several years of development, the competition has reached a white hot, more and more high marketing costs, so that many small businesses refer to vulnerable". But enterprises to survive, we must not be subject to the platform, and the emergence of the third party shopping guide platform, to some extent, so that businesses reduce a lot of operational burden. But with the shopping guide platform bigger, and its honeymoon period has finally come to an end. According to analysts believe that similar to the volume of such a network of electricity supplier shopping guide platform, in order to win more traffic, with a discount to increase consumer stickiness has become a common practice in the industry.

this move while the shopping guide platform to win more consumer recognition, but for businesses do not buy it. Because of its continued reduction in business profits, making businesses love and hate it. According to an unnamed clothing brand operators, various promotional activities on the platform for shop just like chicken ribs, for it means giving up the profits, but can win flow. And do not participate in, rely on the power of the store itself, it is difficult to achieve greater traffic, business conditions will be self-evident. Third party shopping guide platform in the same market competition to occupy a dominant position in order to reduce the interests of shops at the expense of the meaning of the meaning of the business

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