EBay test delivery service delivery amount of not less than 25 the same day

Beijing on August 6th news, according to foreign media reports, eBay today by e-mail to San Francisco users to send invitations to invite them to participate in a test called "eBay Now" on the same day courier delivery service. EBay Now so that local retailers to purchase goods online San Francisco users can receive goods that day, is currently in beta testing phase.

TaskRabbit and Uber and other start-up companies have to provide users with the same day delivery service.

eBay Now requires users to purchase the amount of $25 and above, each delivery costs $5. During the test, the user can get the first time using eBay Now shopping offers $15 discount, the first three can enjoy free shipping offers.

below is an email invitation sent by eBay to the user:

Hi [name]

we know you like shopping online in eBay, but sometimes you don’t have the patience to wait for the goods to be delivered, right?

if so, we have developed a new and exciting way to shop. Starting today, San Francisco users to local retailers to buy, if the amount of not less than $25, you can receive the goods on the day of the order – including the family, work units or anywhere in San Francisco. This service is called eBay Now, support iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

download applications and try our services, if you like this service, please share with friends and family. Users can invite 3 friends and relatives to register eBay Now.

happy shopping!

eBay Now team

is reported that Amazon plans to build a warehouse in major cities, providing delivery service on the same day delivery. This may shorten the waiting time for Amazon Prime users, Amazon Prime users to pay $79 a year fee, can enjoy unlimited service for two days. But Amazon’s chief financial officer Tom · Sikutake (Tom Szkutak) said that in the second quarter earnings conference call with analysts, "we believe that the large-scale offer same day delivery courier service is not economical."

provides the same day delivery service requirements of the distribution network for the high cost of the Amazon, especially for eBay. Failure to provide reliable and affordable services is a huge waste of resources.

eBay Now competitors include Postmates Get It and Y Combinator Instacart, etc. Now.

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