The road to build wealth precise database marketing system

is like a good and bad people, database marketing is also divided into precision database marketing and non precision data marketing. What is a database marketing? Database marketing is the enterprise through the collection and accumulation member (user or consumer) information, through analysis of the specific screening using email, SMS, telephone, mail and other means of maintaining customer relationship marketing and mining depth. In addition, database marketing is a new marketing tool, which is based on the establishment of one to one interactive communication relationship with customers, and relies on the huge customer information database to carry out long-term promotional activities. It is a set of dynamic database management system which can update the existing customers and potential customers. Data mining is the core of database marketing. There is a lot of words copious and fluent, the Baidu encyclopedia explanation of database marketing. My understanding of the database marketing is that the database marketing is a huge mess of groups in accordance with the characteristics of the classification, and then targeted tracking marketing strategy.

In fact,

database marketing abroad has been very common, but in the domestic use of this little. In fact, database marketing is very awesome, it will let you be startled at the absolute strength. I can use a formula to indicate the following:

accurate database marketing = infinite wealth

you don’t have to doubt my words, you just do as I say, insist on execution, then, absolutely can create wealth for you.

in the title he also said, we want to build a database system of precision marketing. Friends may ask, what is the difference between precision and non – accurate database marketing, or what is the difference?. So I can tell you, the biggest difference is that the difference between the probability of turnover. For example, you want to buy is a weight-loss products, but I sell to you is fattening products, you feel as if you are a consumer would you buy? This is not accurate in the database, but I recommend to you the weight-loss products, the turnover of the probability of success is very big, and the is the accurate database marketing.

how to build an accurate database marketing department, first of all, you have to correct your thinking, to do a good job in the preparation of the database, the more data, the more wealth. Don’t fancy the non precise data added. For example, now on the market a few dollars can buy hundreds of thousands of emails, these mailboxes is actually a database, but this is not accurate database of your email is sent, the turnover probability to talk about. The database marketing system is accurate in the match, this transaction success rate is high.

secondly, your database system in the crowd to understand you, you have a sense of trust. This is a long process, with the increase in people’s trust in you, this database is gradually increasing, the wealth is gradually increasing. As I said in the previous section, the hundreds of thousands of people who came to the mailbox were not aware of you

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