Jewelry e commerce or will now blowout development will reach 21 billion 700 million yuan

industry generally predicted that by 2015, China and India, the total market consumption of jewelry will be flat with the U.S. market, China’s future will be the world’s largest and most potential market. However, Chinese jewelry market is far from mature, the whole industry concentration is very low, the huge demand and supply chain disorderly, market segmentation serious, how to Chinese jewelry enterprises in 2011 this trend? Chinese Jewelry Industry Association official said: large jewelry enterprises will accelerate the integration of upstream and downstream resources, and actively explore net sales market, is expected in the next 3~5 years, the Internet sales of jewelry share will account for 20% Chinese e-commerce or the emergence of a spurt of development.

accelerate upstream and downstream resources integration

in 2011, continue to mutual penetration between the upstream and downstream industries, more and more jewelry production enterprises are no longer satisfied with the unsung heroes do OEM production, directly into the sales terminal, and retailers are constantly competing for upstream resources.

we talked about last year’s "Rio Zhou Dafu hand", reflects the urgent desire to seize the advantages of upstream retailers; and gold has also revealed the hope that through the acquisition of gold in gold with the development of the upstream business, retail business, plans to expand the scope of business to the upstream and midstream gold mining gold jewelry wholesale and electronic commerce.

is not difficult to see, in 2011 a similar event will continue to emerge, with the strength of the large jewelry companies in the upstream and downstream resources, the integration efforts will be more violent than ever.

addition, in the industry to enter the integration period, the number of enterprises based on the wholesale will be reduced in size and size. With the jewelry industry to enter the integration period, a large number of terminal jewelry store is constantly become a part of the chain brand, the original production, wholesale, retail pattern has been completely broken, wholesalers in declining profits at the same time, the quality of customers also continue to decline. It can be said that now the advantages of jewelry wholesalers to grasp the flow of the channel is gradually disappearing, in the jewelry market position is precarious.

with industry consolidation to accelerate, in 2011 there will be more wholesalers become a strong brand loyal agent and stockist, or directly to the business capital into jewelry retail terminal.

net sales this year is expected to about 21 billion 700 million yuan

Statistical data of

Chinese gem association shows that China has become the world’s second largest jewelry consumption in china. However, due to the construction of the domestic social integrity of the system requires a process, the formation of domestic consumers to buy jewelry online time to wait. This allows domestic jewelry online sales share, accounting for only less than 5% of the entire jewelry sales share, a huge room for growth. The industry is expected in 2011 jewelry market sales will be significantly improved, online shopping sales is expected to about 21 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of up to 155%. The next 3~5 years, the proportion of Internet sales of jewelry will account for 20%.

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