American girls do special China poor lending website


"I open" founder Wei Kexin (left) and


get me open loan operating snack bar Sichuan farmers


borrowers in the formalities withdrawals

"I" founder Wei Kexin (left) and Meng Kangni won the "I" loan operating a snack Sichuan farmer borrowers in the formalities withdrawals when many Americans are still struggling in the financial crisis, efforts to get rid of the debt, two 25 year old American girl who founded the microfinance — "I drive mechanism his" (, calling for Americans to put their money to donate, special loans for less than $1.25 per day in the Chinese poverty population. Since its founding in 2008, I have opened more than 200 Chinese farmers to raise nearly $100 thousand of funds.

founder dialogue

Wei Kexin: Nobel laureate Yunus is my open example

reporter: in "I open" more than 600 donors, nationality distribution?

Wei Kexin: about 90% Americans, most of them are China and contact or understanding of the China people, such as Chinese Americans, adopted Chinese child couples in the United States or to learn the life of Americans in Chinese. The remaining 10% came from mainland China and Hongkong. However, we are now in the United States through lectures, receptions and other activities as well as the expansion of the network and other ways to expand the "I open" effect, so that more Americans know. In the next three to six months, we hope to establish a network in Losangeles, Toronto, Canada and Shanghai, china.

reporter: on the one hand, China has become the largest creditor country in the United States, on the other hand, I opened, but called on Americans to lend money to the Chinese people, why do


Wei Kexin: that sounds like a contradiction, but we have to see the reality of china. First, although China’s economy has developed rapidly in recent years, but according to the world bank poverty standards, there are still 200 million average daily living expenses of less than $1.25 of poor people. There is a huge difference between urban and rural areas in China, and some poor rural areas lag behind the developed cities for decades. Microfinance is an effective way to improve the living conditions of the poor farmers. Secondly, after our investigation, China’s microfinance industry is 20 years behind India, Bangladesh, and South america. Since the middle of the last century, China’s microfinance, education, poverty alleviation and other non-governmental organizations flourish, but many of them do not have enough money to expand their business and influence. "I open" is the hope that through a "man to man" interactive mode to help donors around the world to establish contact with china.


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