On Baidu’s recent crazy update history

does not need to say too much, recently Baidu has engaged in what the user experience of upgrading and adjustment, make the webmaster is now, SEOer is Zhang two monks confused!

think carefully, Baidu this year is not the first time that hurt us the webmaster and SEO staff, first hit no substantive content of the site, followed by a large area of the K station, then because of the addition of 360 search, will search the data again and shuffle, appeared the phenomenon of artificial intervention ranking of course, this is mainly for SEO websites and blogs.

imperceptibly three or four months later, Baidu still did not stop, in recent days, Baidu launched Web APP, snow last week I wrote about, but here snow fire is my APP application for nearly a week’s time, now in so far still did not audit down, no retreat, no audit, this is puzzling, but after seeing Lu Songsong’s APP is still no audit down, can roughly determine the problem of website not tears of snow.

followed, Baidu launched a keyword tool, the webmaster can look at the background of Baidu’s own web site to verify their own. This tool of snow do not feel too useful, I believe most of the webmaster to use Baidu statistics and some other website statistical tools! Is the webmaster statistical tools is not Baidu looking at very many options, but actually display data is the most basic function of scanty, the statistics. If you use the other web site statistics, you will be able to clearly see their website keywords and so on a series of data. So tears snow personally think that the Baidu keyword tool is just to make up for a little bit of their own just


in these two days, Baidu seems to be in the crazy K station, a lot of webmaster said, the original blog and website is almost no stay in the 10 fen. Hear the webmaster such feelings, I don’t perceived very frightened, a name for Chinese best quality of most of the search engine company is so deceiving.

Baidu has been emphasized quality website, so you can search engines have much ability to judge me this is the quality of the original content? A new site, all of the original technology can not get any ranking, this is how to explain? Today however unbelievable is that this keyword search for "SEO", even the most authoritative and valuable website appeared in sight, is a little detached website, click went in to see, in addition to the bottom of Links has two SEO keywords, other source code are not related to any confidence, how can the ranking algorithm this makes people trust? This mistake will appear? How many webmaster also need to worry about the day accidentally destroy the


Baidu, webmasters can not afford to hurt!

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