The electricity supplier must see where there is fear there is gold there are huge profits

when I scold others is SB, others have quietly to earn money.

there is no absolute right or wrong in the world, what we call right and wrong, but the individual’s judgment is different. So, do not easily blame others, others may not be wrong, it may just hit your warning line.

Taobao is a magical place, of course, magic does not mean good. In real life, Taobao has, real life in the dark can not say, Taobao is the price tag, today to talk about this one case.

I have seen on Taobao to sell vanity, selling ideas, selling ideas, selling chat, selling the call, rent a girlfriend…… It’s interesting, it’s worth thinking about. However, these are not mentioned today, said another, a very lucrative market segments.

I’m not guessing, directly above it:


this is a market segment I discovered by accident: various types of spells. Including but not limited to, from the evil town house security and peace, learning progress, exam, etc. all kinds of magic change mind a market segment, belongs to the field of Feng Shui, the main audience is parents and women. We look at sales, take a look at the price, think about the cost, we know that the market has more profits.

why are there so many people buy? Twenty-first Century so superstitious? In fact is not necessarily a superstition, is mainly based on the psychology of a "placebo effect", namely: although not really effective, but customers believe that it is effective and has a sustenance, so don’t fear the heart.

how powerful the placebo effect is, and how to talk about your experience. When I was young, I am timid, but just a few special love around various ghosts classmates, said all the time but also have hit off, say things are happening in the local school dormitory, dormitories, and had bad light and other factors, the evening not scared to go to the toilet, do not dare to stay alone in the dormitory. Later I heard that the Buddha like pendants can drive out the body, then stall in the street to spend 10 yuan to buy a plug in the pocket, when fear, will continue to tell yourself: "there is nothing in the Jade Buddha". Although I know there is a protective effect may not be true, 10 dollars can buy protection? How can something so cheap! Go to the temple of incense on the master advised to a lucky number 88…… But there is no denying that there is a comfort, will greatly reduce the fear.

anyway, those things are really effective? I don’t know, I was at a distance of and what attitude. But I look at the picture above "change mind" evaluation, is really effective, I think there are two reasons: 1, the possibility of relatively large buyers are mostly women, women take the initiative to restore the general will of man give compromise, at this time the man xinruan easy…… Save success. 2, buy with two people still do not break, dragging.

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