Comments Ali mother really failed

      the birth of Ali’s mother is Chinese milepost Internet advertising Web2.0 advertising, trading mode advocated by Ali mother interactive let owners and advertisers have more independent choice, and do not say how the prospect, is the spirit of innovation is the Internet industry impetuous China learning.

      Ali mother official version has not yet been launched on the issue of someone shouting, Ali mother in China, the reasons for the failure of the domestic website atmosphere". The reason that "Ali mother failed" conclusion is also very simple, it is in the doldrums recently. I do not know how the author to see it in the doldrums, the feeling of Superman? If it does slump, slump = failure. The logical thinking of absurd normal people can think, and we are clever webmaster.

      look at the author’s analysis of the reasons for the failure of Ali mother.

1. China network atmosphere and immature market, lack of integrity and regulation.

      I don’t see what’s the relationship and Ali mother advertising platform, see a lot of articles like this analysis will China Internet have this kind of nonsense words. China Internet market is not mature is Chinese cried for many years, people feel China Internet is very low, very backward development, payment problems, restricting China Internet transaction security problem are solved, is not mature in where?

      Ali Mama advertising platform is to achieve advertising trading in website owners and advertisers both choose the advertisers think this website not can not deal, where lack of integrity? For a small number of owners of malicious click on this is not just a mother of Ali advertising alliance plagued every advertising alliance will encounter.

    "the unified network advertisement in Ali mother market platform, there is still a long way to go" the author from beginning to end in this repetition of similar words beginning said it has "failed", it is not self palm mouth?

2. China’s webmaster too little, lack of popularity.

      the author said, "China’s webmaster only 50 thousand less", this data is where to come from? Have you ever been counted? You are the Ministry of information industry? Chinese webmaster even less, but China’s Web site is a little. Ali’s mother with the number of transactions with the owner does not matter, but with the number of sites have a relationship, this truth do not understand it?

    "the real site as a cause of the site, less than 10 thousand domestic. Great country, so the 10 thousand site? In fact, less, "60% of the sites are trying to deceive the point of search traffic to do some advertising" what is this "

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