Borrow treasure was reported a poke acquaintance lending mode of weakness


at the beginning of 2016, a ID Beijing nine "Uncle" micro-blog said it had reported Jiuding investment chairman Wu Gang, to the Commission for a time, borrow treasure once again become the focus of attention. The reason for the report as a spectator, micro-blog and the logic of real beg to differ.

lending treasure what is


is behind in recent years has been ranked a list of local PE Jiuding investment, whether it is listed three new board, or backdoor A shares of listed companies, 10 billion huge financing, acquisition of brokerage and a series of capital operation, showed PE which was founded less than ten years to become Chinese Carlyle to Li zhi. In addition, Jiuding investment financial holding group model is gradually forming.


however, lending treasure is controversial since birth, although most of the criticisms are not objective, but it is undeniable that Jiuding investment encountered great resistance in the loan treasure business sector, its position in the market, the insufficiency and control mode of marketing and the manifestation of the wind.

acquaintances lending business fly it?

compared to other P2P "borrow" mode borrowing treasure flagship "borrowing", has come up with an ingenious acquaintance, however, acquaintances lending may just look good is a mirage and insubstantial objects. Through its WeChat, micro-blog and other social networks to add friends to borrow treasure friends, if the loan treasure friends too little, then a small range of friends rarely occur between borrowing needs. Notes lending is not like a taxi, eating, shopping, as high frequency, the needs of a few people, there may be dozens of people who need to borrow money, but also low frequency demand, everyone may be a year before borrowing. But if too many friends borrow treasure, for example a person has hundreds of friends, including colleagues, classmates, relatives and friends on various occasions, and only a handful of people you are willing to borrow one, but for most people, you don’t even want to let them know that you borrow money in stocks, but also credit card, to maintain the company’s turnover, payment of tuition fees…… Especially for young people with good face. As for borrowers, rely on money to earn a higher rate of return acquaintance is almost impossible, hurt feelings about money! So doomed to maintain acquaintances lending in a small range, and low frequency, the vast majority of people do not need most.

wind control mode worthy of scrutiny

lending treasure wind control mode to the mutual understanding between acquaintances as the basis, at the same time, once the borrower default, the platform will entrust the third party collection, notify the breach to all friends at the same time, resulting in the circle of friends of the credit of bankruptcy.

however familiar people, really can judge the borrower’s credit risk?


is not equal to the trust, for students, colleagues and friends on various occasions, how much do you know about their finances? Really don’t know.

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