Daily topic China auto rental seven years of struggle through the purgatory of overweight asset mod

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 29th news, the struggle for seven years, the final listing in September 19th, China auto rental listed in Hongkong, China, almost with ALI listed on the NYSE time synchronization. It is only a few days that people pay more attention to Alibaba!

"did not dodge, met together." China auto rental chairman Lu Zhengyao said with a smile. However, Alibaba huge suction ability and did not have an impact on China auto rental, China won 200 times retail, institutional more than 100 times oversubscribed.

September 19th, China auto rental in Hongkong IPO. This is the second time for the company to embark on the market. As early as January 18, 2012, China auto rental has submitted a prospectus to the United States SEC, intends to raise $300 million. In the subsequent two and a half months, China car rental submitted a revised version of the 9, and the amount raised to $158 million reduction. In April 25th of that year, China auto rental suddenly announced the suspension of the U.S. market IPO.

China auto rental is Lu Zhengyao in 2007 from their own venture UAA hatched project. Established in 2006 in Shenzhen, the extreme car rental, in December of that year won a $5 million investment in Asia heiner.

2008-2010, it is the most difficult period of China’s car rental. Coincides with the financial crisis, the assets of the Shenzhou is financial money, Jun linked capital (formerly Legend Capital) director Liu Erhai put forward the idea of equity + debt financing liuzhengyao, only a few seconds to think. In the Legend Holdings in China after the car rental, China has a succession of Warburg capital as a financial investor, as well as the introduction of international car rental giant Hertz car strategic investment. Warburg is a global fund with global resources and capital market influence. Hertz car rental experience."

in May this year, China auto rental announced that the company’s English name will be renamed China Auto Rental Inc. CAR Inc., the Chinese name will remain unchanged. Listed company name "English weakening car", to highlight the concept of "car" service, which means that China auto rental ambition is not only do Chinese the largest car rental company, but also a comprehensive automobile Chinese leading service company.

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