The original sin on TC and 36Kr Chinese piracy dispute

early in the first half of 2013, as a member of science and technology media practitioners, comments on a corpse that rumors: TechCrunch will be set up Chinese station, which means the domestic technology blog "smuggled goods purchasing" pattern will be broken, because be licensed directly on.

indeed, in August, TechCrunch scheduled on the line, from the announcement by another non famous science and technology media technology for operating point.

said to be operating, in fact, is the main translation, because the original team of the original point of science and technology station is also busy with their own site, so TC China is a TechCrunch Chinese translation station…… Well, not all of TechCrunch’s articles are translated (of course, this is understandable, not all of them can be made and readers are concerned).

is almost in the same period, comments for the media to stop the corpse of TechCrunch translation, this afternoon the inquiries about translation of large iFanr Jun also stopped at the same time the basic translation of the TechCrunch, only when TechCrunch Disrupt of the TechCrunch itself had some reports, this is probably the TC Chinese also Xiangjingrubin he did not say what.


, 36Kr as the target from the late development has been a pixel level copycat TechCrunch domestic version of TC (actually 36Kr now own CrunchBase), never stop the illegal translation of TechCrunch "". This point had to 36Kr commended, sometimes 36Kr translation speed is faster than the TechCrunch Chinese version, the translation level is more interesting than the TC localization, "right turn" read smoothly, just let TC Chinese version of shame.

TechCrunch China line for half a year, the official micro-blog fans number 6000, in addition to some senior entrepreneurs and media circles, few readers know the TechCrunch of the official on-line China, even if they know the existence of the famous TechCrunch.

coincidentally, today 36Kr not only implicated out "illegal translation of the TC also suspected of illegal translation" Fast Company ", oh! Yes, you’re not wrong! The world’s three largest financial business media was also TM China! I and my buddy readers were shocked! Administrative micro-blog fans actually have 9K that is 1.5 times the TC Chinese, a bar there is no! (you on-line than TC China early year!)

okay, that’s enough

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