We remember webmaster job

      weekend boring ah, open the computer to start wandering in various forums, suddenly a post attracted me: the company sponsored by the Shanghai XX and Shanghai XX club, in order to let more young entrepreneurs know and join our big family business. The chair:
online information collection

      requirements: 18-25 years old, junior high school education, work seriously and have a sense of responsibility, love learning, positive enterprising spirit.

      usually have 2-3 hours of Internet time. (only in Shanghai)


      use the Internet for more than two hours a day or so, to help us release some posts, content and web site we provide, you can copy it. About 50 or so can be released, salary week end of $200 plus bonuses!

      both can learn from the Internet, and part-time money, Why not??

      haha, idle is idle, find a part-time job to do. So add xxQQ

      part time online posting 16:46:12


      maie 16:46:21

      en     do you think I can interview?

      part time online posting 16:46:23

      interview interview address: Address: xxx24 building F,   xx  * Note: bring your ID number: xx  References: 00958 (an interview message or call XXX


      part time online posting 16:46:28


      maie 16:46:40

            what treatment?


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