Wanda wanhui cn enabled on line Wan ibusiness suspected has acquired wanhui com

Wanda Square ibusiness low-key on-line business website last night, is the opening of the "million" CN Larry domain wanhui.cn


Wan ibusiness is intelligent e-commerce platform O2O Wanda Plaza, the business will cover general merchandise, delicacy and movie theaters, KTV and other fields, belonging to the Wanda group.

Wan ibusiness to national Wanda Plaza based on real time to provide the latest square to users, business information, shopping guide, discount, movie information, delicacy, group purchase check points, gift exchange and other comprehensive information and services, not only to help consumers find the sea quantity is favorable and high-quality goods, get a higher quality of life also, Wi-Fi can provide free shops, street maps, navigation, hunt and a series of intelligent vehicle service consumers visit Wanda plaza.

Wan ibusiness, Wanda shopping

whenever and wherever possible!



query wanhui.cn whois, display all man-made Wanda Mdt InfoTech Ltd, has been renew until 2022.

in all eyes are attracted to the wanhui.cn domain name, there will certainly be a lot of people to query wanhui.com in the hands of Wanda, but the query to the whois without any information. However, a small series of universal can get insider news drops……

According to the

gold net founder Xu Jun said, the domain name wanhui.com in the earlier this year, once the price of 10 thousand dollars in the sale, at that time did not concern. Xiao Bian so through the domain name whois query tool to find out the history of wanhui.com whois.


in the history of whois query results, we can clearly see that in the November 21st record, whois information is displayed by all the people of wanda. Visible in November, Wanda has embarked on the acquisition of domain names. According to informed sources, Wanda is acquired from the domain name industry super boss HKMEDIA.COM boss Chen Shiwei. Chen Shiwei, in the hands of the domain name countless, perhaps the name of a lot of friends will feel strange, but when you are in the domain name query, there must always be to see HK MEDIA information, and most of the good rice. This should be able to determine the acquisition of Wanda wanhui.com.

Wanda enabled wanhui.cn, there is a party, Wan Hui and other meaning, put aside Wanda glory, which is a good domain name. At the same time, it also makes a lot of friends of rice smell opportunity, small in writing before the query to the wwwwanhui.cn and qanhui.cn typo domain name has been registered.

Wanda finally took the first step in the electricity supplier, although many people

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