Luxury sites suspected of confusing the concept of misleading interpretation of genuine pale

CEO said the online sale of Hermes Hermes 80% is fake, the news again drew attention to the luxury online shopping market. Online shopping platform with what to win the trust of consumers, the Chinese commercial news reporter survey found that the interpretation of luxury products on the site is very pale, even suspected of false propaganda.

recently, in the French national gendarmerie captured a specially manufactured counterfeit Hermes bag International Criminal Gang, Hermes CEO Patrick · Thomas bluntly said in an interview with foreign media: "80% sell to Hermes in the name of the Internet goods are fake, this is definitely a shame."

this can not help but think of the rise in the past few years, luxury e-commerce website. Engaged in the field of industry experts pointed out that: 99% of the country’s luxury e-commerce site products are not authorized by the brand, so the supply may be problematic."

PICC provides protection?

business reporter login network serves to see, Gucci, Dior, FENDI and other brands Goods are available in all varieties. However, facing the network selling fake question, the website is how to deal with the


Chinese commercial news reporter: how can you prove that your package is true?

customer service representative: we sell the goods are genuine, if you have doubts about the goods, you can go to the trade and industry or some of your local authority quality inspection agencies.

if it is not genuine refund.

also serves in the Peoples Insurance Company of China PICC security services, if not genuine, then PICC will not show coverage.

Chinese commercial news reporter: what is the specific terms of the insurance policy number is how much?

customer service representative: This belongs to the company confidential, inconvenient to provide.

Daily reporter also call the customer service phone Chinese Paul learned that the network serves is misleading. PICC only product liability insurance, it is impossible to verify the authenticity of goods." It is understood that the product liability insurance is a product quality insurance. "Compensation for personal injury, illness, death or property damage due to product defects."

PICC customer service told the Daily reporter, the company does not have the so-called genuine guarantee of insurance.

the same problem also appears in the online market, the company’s website was hit "genuine commitment" to share network all goods sold directly from Europe and the United States and China procurement, underwritten by insurance company.

Chinese commercial news reporter dialed the Guangdong branch of the China Insurance Company Xie phone. He made it clear that this is a way to promote the quality of the network, but the insurance company does not recognize this means. Because the network is also a product quality insurance". Mr. Xie said: "we are definitely not"

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