Sina provides GOV CN registration ended in farce

is known as the GOV.CN domain name for government agencies dedicated domain names, individuals or companies can not be registered.

but last night, Sina suddenly broke the news can be registered by SMS GOV.CN domain name, the first year only 4 yuan.

believe that a lot of news can not help but try to register the webmaster, although able to successfully register, but also to enter the DNS analytical settings, but its analytical settings have not yet entered into force. Until you receive an email from Sina, request a registration certificate.

your domain name for the registration of the GOV.CN domain name for government agencies, institutions and other groups or companies and individuals can not apply for GOV.CN domain name. Please fax the domain name registration information to 010-82607501 within 3 days.

you need to fax the information for:

1, "cnnic- registration application form", see annex, the application form should be stamped with the official seal of the applicant (need to register with the domain name of the full name of the owner of the company).

2, certifying that the applicant is an organization code certificate for a government agency, and that the type of organization is a legal person.



in resolving this matter do well, who apply for the GOV.CN domain name, but can not provide the corresponding material webmaster can contact Sina you do a domain name change, change to the other domain name suffix cn English, only the original domain (i.e. not using GOV.CN) and apply for change the new domain name (.CN) can be sent to [email protected]

is no longer able to register the domain name by Sina GOV.CN, domain name suffix search items have been removed.

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