From 7 lines of code to the payment of the payment of the 1 buttons six months to do what Ping

[Ping++] has core tips for all developers open registration, the first new SDK products [one] collection Beta version,


in June 2014 by the "7 lines of code integration of all mobile payment characteristics are the focus of the Internet start-up companies ping++ has been in the small scope of the invitation, finally today officially launched a new web page, also enabled a new domain name:

is the new SDK product [one] Beta edition collection. Compared to the previous SDK, [1] provides a built-in payment page and complete the page, further reducing the cost of development.

payment platform to expand the WeChat public account payment, UnionPay mobile payment, Baidu wallet payment, SDK adapted to the background development language to 6, SDK can be classified according to Server and Client end.

the official appearance of Ping++ become more plump, richer support is still to allow developers to get a more simple way of access.

a button to resolve payment

"one collection" is based on the "Ping++ SDK" new payment products, just a button, a line of code, you can achieve a key collection.

simple, "a collection" is a complete package of the payment page, as long as the developers in the application code to join "a" collection of code to complete the payment page and get corresponding pay jump function.

("one payment" payment jump page)


The first edition of

App, this is the development of modules more convenient, developers do not need to page interaction troubles, may also need to show the contents and custom page payment channels.

this logic is very clear, to help pay the ability of start-up companies to quickly solve the access payment this energy consuming non main business.

developers do not have to apply for authorization to the third party platform, no need to debug the various parameters and function interface trouble.

The significance of


service is a quick solution to the "access payments", users and Ping++ are more concerned about the issue.

Ping++ has been open to all developers registered, and provide them with mobile payment services UnionPay mobile payment services. Taking into account the size of the studio’s transaction and risk tolerance, Ping++ studio type customers set the appropriate risk control threshold on the trading limit. The specific risk control rules can be obtained from the studio information through the application of the studio.

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