Daily topic micro blog golden age has gone Following Tencent micro blog announced after the closure

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) November 6th news, following the withdrawal of micro-blog micro-blog division, NetEase announced that it will officially shut down. Yesterday, micro-blog micro-blog page to remind users to migrate to the light blog LOFTER in order to save the original content, but also means that the original NetEase micro-blog user relationship chain rupture, NetEase will no longer exist.

NetEase micro-blog was born since the beginning of 2010, is also the micro-blog products in the domestic era in the limelight. Sina and micro-blog formed difference, it hit the "grassroots" route, "a micro-blog", at the same time with "micro-blog boom" and "NetEase email and blog guide" accumulate a certain number of users. Personally micro-blog Department 2011 Ding Lei said in an interview, he was in the Sina micro-blog "diving", in order to test the competitor’s products.

NetEase, told reporters that the NetEase micro-blog shut down, in fact, business integration. The change does not involve layoffs, NetEase micro-blog employees will be fully responsible for LOFTER business. NetEase has confirmed to reporters, before the end of November, users can migrate to the content of light blog LOFTER to save, after the NetEase micro-blog no longer separate operation. In terms of NetEase, compared to micro-blog, LOFTER can achieve lightweight personalized records, social networking can be achieved, but also to meet the needs of the user’s expression.

since 2010, Sina launched open platform, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu is also quick to follow up, open up "micro-blog" this new battlefield, with the "war" in advance, has four major portals in half of micro-blog have to italy. Currently, in addition to Sina micro-blog independent listing, at the end of last year, Tencent announced the integration of Tencent and micro-blog team, NetEase is now about to close micro-blog, Sohu has no improvement. Hong Bo, an independent Internet analyst, said the Internet has reached the mark micro-blog, including Sina, micro-blog, including the industry needs to break through the commercialization of micro-blog.

industry NetEase, Tencent to abandon micro-blog business is not surprised. One of the reasons why micro-blog business is only the major portals to follow suit. In 2006, micro-blog’s "ancestor" the birth of twitter; in August 2009, Sina launched the first step, Sina micro-blog beta version, in the 2010~2011 period, Sina micro-blog in the limelight, beat tencent. In March 24, 2011, Baidu’s market capitalization over Tencent, which lost the first five years of the first Chinese Internet company market capitalization of the title, Tencent had to re enter the micro-blog market.

with WeChat, instant messaging and other instant messaging tools, micro-blog began to decline. CNNIC released a report shows that as of June 2014, the number of micro-blog users was 275 million, Internet users use rate fell by more than 1.9% in December 2013, micro-blog and social networking sites to become the user’s usage decreased by the product of the two. Micro-blog is the 330 million in the heyday of users, Internet users use rate of 56%, has been under.

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