Chinese P2P net loan Alienation and cross border worries

Bai Chengyu, Secretary General of the China microfinance alliance,

, has repeatedly said that the P2P platform should be an intermediary for the provision of information consulting services between the borrower and the investor. But now some P2P institutions have been "cross-border", began to participate in between borrowers and investors in the transaction, this has gone beyond the scope of service P2P.

in recent years, with the angel plan, gold loans, loans and other P2P (Peer yooee to Peer, peer-to-peer lending) a series of outbreaks of risk events, P2P industry appears to be "flourish" is suffering more and more disputes and questions.

Securities said in a report in December 2012, currently active P2P platform has more than 300, while last year the entire P2P industry volume is expected to reach 20 billion yuan. Regardless of the number of institutions or transaction amount, the domestic net loan industry has a rough scale.

however, along with the rapid expansion of the P2P industry, the credit risk caused by the lack of regulation, as well as the market risk is increasingly exposed to high leverage. In addition, under the pressure of increased competition in the industry, the domestic P2P market is more than the alienation of toxins".

volume bubble

"second mark", "day", "net standard", these are P2P net loan after entering the Chinese market gradually derived from the new term. The first to create a gimmick, attract popularity and produce things, but may become illegal arbitrage tools "quanqian molecules".

, a Beijing P2P company official said on the "First Financial Daily", because the P2P net loan in China development is not a long time, in order to enhance the reputation and trading volume, some of the P2P sites on the launch of the so-called "second", "days" and other ultra short term targets.

"s standard mode of operation is that borrowers’ second release standard ‘, interest and management fees will be frozen; bidding after the system automatically through the audit, issuing instantly sent interest and management fees, investors to recover the principal and interest. And the ‘standard’, as its name implies is the loan cycle of ‘Day’ of the subject." The company official said.

investors before a second shot, the subscript to play, after a second payment, can charge interest, it is the "bait" to make gold loans, loan companies such as yooee hoax succeeded.

in the company responsible for the people, originally the second mark, day mark just P2P website marketing tool, but because of the lack of effective supervision, the ultra short term subject to the P2P company provides great arbitrage space, so that it can be in a very short period of time running, run away quickly.

in addition, in order to maximize the investor’s financial leverage, China P2P and "innovation" out of the "net standard" products, which is greater than the amount of borrowing when investors net assets and lending more than borrowing, P2P platform allows its release "net borrowing standard" can be recycled by.

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