s your website Baidu K Register the website you have been blocked

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If you

because the domain name is Baidu sealed off and give up, if you have tried all kinds of methods for releasing Baidu? Would you write to Baidu, get the same answer……

Baidu let me love, let me hate, Baidu I have endless words. When I do not know what is cheating, my site has been fined for cheating.

is the most serious, I do not even have the page, there are some domain names, has been sentenced to life imprisonment.


as most of the Chinese, should be on the punishment for cheating, but can not kill a stick. Can not be a thief, a thief for life.

hundreds of thousands of webmaster, redress, hundreds of thousands of websites, submerged in the vast network, people have not been sealed, laugh, have wronged is sealed, bitter.

webmaster network will be forced to contact the hundreds of thousands of blocked sites, collecting hundreds of thousands of banned list, try to through the media, Internet media, traditional media, even directly to all these blocked sites list print and submit to the Baidu Inc. For many webmaster solidarity.

activity registration address: http://s.baidu.admin5.com    please register your website, also please tell your webmaster friends, everyone together, with the number of Baidu to pay attention to.

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  active registration address: http://s.baidu.admin5.com 

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