State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping Bureau the central network letter office jointly regulate the

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 1 September, (reporter Wu Jingjing) 1 reporter learned, the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information with the central network information office jointly issued a notice on the front, further standardize the use of Internet map service website.

in recent years, with the in-depth application of the rapid development of network technology and maps, geographic information, all kinds of Web services published in using the map is becoming increasingly popular, the Internet map service industry development and prosperity. At the same time, a large number of websites using the Internet service map in the map fails to perform the audit procedures, part of the map of China has painted the wrong country boundaries, omits China’s important islands and other major mistakes, even published map not open and secret content, influence and damage to the national security, territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, disrupting international on social cognition and understanding held by Chinese government.

notice requirements of provinces of Surveying and mapping geographic information administrative departments, departments of the relevant network information, Internet service units must be based on the spirit of national sovereignty, security and interests responsibility, enhance the awareness of the national territory and security consciousness, fully understand the importance of the proper use of the map.

notice that all Internet service units to strengthen self-discipline, standardize the use of map, should be strictly in accordance with the law of Surveying and mapping, map management regulations and other laws and regulations for review and publication use map. In the map published before the law to trial, not on the map marked confidential information or in violation of our national policy and content of political opinion. When using a map in a web site, use the correct map obtained from the legal channel. The Internet service units to improve on the "map" and classified geographic information discrimination, regularly carry out a comprehensive self-examination on the website, promptly remove the problems of map.

notice requirements, the competent authorities at all levels of Surveying and mapping geographic information administrative and network information departments should strengthen communication and coordination, to carry out daily supervision on the published web services in the map, the existence of serious illegal acts, and severely punished according to law.

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