Ding Tao the nternet era the congregation to raise the pattern gradually asymptotic

this year is the twentieth year of the Internet into china. What is the biggest change in the Internet for existing businesses? I think the core change is that consumers are passive recipients of services and products. By this identity change, but also derived a lot of new business models, such as the congregation to raise. From product development to book publishing, from film and television to housing construction, from commodity to equity, debt, everything can be raised.

some people listened to the congregation to raise the word, feel very elegant, in fact, the congregation, is raising the masses, public financing is a concept derived from the "Crowdsourcing". Already, but especially today". All the congregation to raise funds, in essence, is also the capital of crowdsourcing". And the traditional congregation is different, the Internet to raise public mode is more diversified and based on the threshold is very low, most of the project to raise the public no obvious commercial attempt, more is to help the realization of entrepreneurial products or services, service intentions than commercial intent. This greatly improves the breadth of the participation of investors, reflecting a strong fan economic color, and thus show a more open, flat and to the center of the Internet business ecosystem landscape.

may wish to take a look at the first to attract enough attention to raise the eyes of Alibaba treasure event. In March 26th this year, the Alibaba of digital entertainment group released treasure entertainment platform, users invested 100 yuan to invest popular TV dramas, 7% annual return, and have the opportunity to enjoy the crew visit the set, the star will meet other entertainment interests.

Alibaba entertainment treasure after the implementation of the Taobao client, the short term attracted a large number of fans to buy, so that watching the movie became a person to invest in movies. Think about it, we do in one or two years after the cinema to see their own investment in the film, what would it feel like?

is a key issue of public interest, whether it is necessary to share the interests of the future, entertainment treasure is actually a benefit. The fans economy network literature based on crowdfunding is different, really the film adaptation or anime adaptation, revenue side is the investment side, fans may get movie posters, movie tickets, comic books or the surrounding. This congregation chips, the most important thing is not the return of donors, but a sense of participation.

if it is difficult to do all the chips to raise the public Alibaba to test the water, then, the network literature in the field of public offering model is more sustainable. 17k novel network launched the "million year-end awards" as example, the website claims to set up a $1 million prize pool, readers reward the author how much money is the same number of websites to the author, did not think 6 days 1 million yuan to spend all. The cavalry school two days to earn 620 thousand yuan; two days 9 autumn wind Royal earn 380 thousand yuan; and the reader Xiao mad throw 450 thousand yuan two alice. Another example is 17K, through this platform, we are "bad boy" is the author of the pseudo ring, actually raise all the way through, set up a bar line, and a description of the prototype is in the novels of Bruce bar bar. < >

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