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CodeGuard is a free web backup service that allows all webmasters to backup and restore their own websites. The idea is very simple, that is, the time machine on your site". After several months of adjustment and testing, CodeGuard officially launched the service, and has received $1 million 300 thousand in a new round of financing.

although there are other companies to provide web site data backup and disaster recovery services, but CodeGuard may be different, because they use a differential backup. In other words, CodeGuard is not a simple copy of all the site’s source code and database, but the first version of the two versions are compared, and then store the differences between the versions.

this way can minimize the amount of space needed to back up, but also allows webmasters to easily learn all the changes in the site code and database. Currently they have upgraded the back-end infrastructure to Amazon EC2 and S3.

CodeGuard has just released a completely redesigned user interface, webmasters simply log on to their CodeGuard account, you can select and restore the contents of the site in a personal visual way to restore the site. Previously users can only download the ZIP file in the form of different versions of the site.

in addition, they also released a cPanel plugin for web hosting service providers to provide functionality on the control panel supplement. At the same time, with similar features WordPress plugin has also been released.

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