nternet lottery license interest field private enterprises destined to be supporting role

from the street "scratch card" to choose the Internet lottery, nearly 20 years of history behind Chinese lottery, lottery lottery is excited with the loss, morphological changes and adjustment of the interests of the chain.

October 24, 2012, the lottery industry sources Su Jia said, Chinese SMG network (hereinafter referred to as "SMG") and 500WAN lottery network (hereinafter referred to as "500WAN") was the first sports lottery sales network license approval issued by the Ministry of finance. The news was eventually proved to be misreading". There are reports that, in the game and 500WAN just get the opportunity to pilot, not much meaning.

, however, the national financial weekly reporter survey found that behind the internal notice, more information and unknown layout, quietly in progress.

seize the initiative

early in the lottery network sales license issued before the pilot, for the first time the layout of the machine has started.

July 5, 2012, industry group A shares of Listed Companies in the Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "the industry") to 90 million yuan price, the acquisition of Beijing yingteda System Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "yingteda") 45% stake. In this transaction, the valuation of 201 million yuan yingteda. China sports industry is the only listed company of the State Sports General administration. Yingteda was founded in 1998, the main business is the production and sale of lottery terminal equipment. Yingteda and Gaoteng (Beijing Yabo high Teng Technology Co. Ltd.) is the largest provider of Chinese two lottery terminals, the total share of the two companies market rate of more than 70%.

, the industry body announced that through this acquisition, the industry body to expand business, increase the sports lottery sales terminals, lottery sales agent." The industry and the media also said that the body industry through the acquisition, trying to enter the traditional lottery business areas.

according to the announcement, yingteda before sale of shares to the body of the industry, the ownership structure is Jingge 55%, Li Xuefeng 10%, Ding Beijing Haiying CLS Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haiying CLS") 35%, Ding Jingge is the actual controller. After the sale of shares, the industry body holds a 45% stake, the transferor respectively 35%, 10% Jingge Ding Li Xuefeng, Haiying CLS 35% did not produce changes in equity. At the same time, Ding Jingge will be 20% of the rest of the body to be held in the body of the industry, and the voting rights of the shares will be entrusted to the body of the industry in the 6%, thereby ensuring that the industry in the company’s shares and voting control.


capital markets believe that the industry body yingteda acquisition premium is higher, but the real reason why so can let Ding Jingge made huge concessions, is hope to participate in lottery sales license links in the future, as well as the Internet lottery business network in the concrete." Informed sources said.


yingteda tries to intervene in the sports lottery sales network licenses, must sell themselves to the" national team ","

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