The police opened the mysterious veil of 80 hard to resist the temptation

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net police, a slightly strange career. They are on duty in cyberspace, starting from every suspicious character, to fight against crime to maintain justice; they guard in your side, with unknown work, guarding the peace. "They are mysterious, very cold, they are far away from us." Is it true? The day before, the reporter walked into the Beijing City Public Security Bureau network security corps, and the police face to face.


Beijing City Public Security Bureau police in the use of professional equipment to collect electronic evidence. Sun Xuelei photo (people’s vision)

network police are what

and just a small part of the bad information, "pornography" and "turn black gun is a target of

because of the network, the world has become very small, but also become very large, small to no distance, no boundaries. But this does not mean that the Internet world can be no order, no rules, cyberspace is a public space, is not outside the law.


net" pornography "turn black gun" and other illegal and criminal activities, the Internet also exists, are our targets." Beijing City Public Security Bureau network security corps (hereinafter referred to as the network security corps) responsible person said, "we work to police the deepest impression, may be bad information on inspection and disposal, but it was only a small part of our work."

just a few days of birth of the son in selling online, it sounds fantastic, but true. In January 2013, the dream house website, 25 year old Jiamou to the price of 80 thousand yuan just born son of 4 days to sell. Called "Folk Song Yang, each one takes what he needs."

adoption and sale, how confusing two totally different concepts? In order to conceal the crime suspect, declared in the page: "we can seek free baby to avoid legal liability, there would be no sale of the suspects, and reasonable compensation is necessary, we can give some compensation or."

, compared with the network, the network trafficking baby qualitative crime difficult, concealed transactions, fixed evidence is also difficult, greater harm." Network security corps two brigade Deputy captain Zheng Hao introduced, this kind of crime has become a huge black chain, "which provide documents for the sale of children ‘bleach identity’, is to buy low and sell high occupation traffickers, and help the production after" intermediary resale. "".

after painstaking investigation and evidence collection, in February 19, 2014, the Ministry of public security unified command, 27 provinces and municipalities to implement centralized police arrest rescue operations. Arrested 1169 suspects and rescued 407 abducted infants, a number of infant trafficking gangs have been successfully destroyed the network.

A miniature

infant trafficking network just police network against various types of network crimes, network online, online gambling, drug-related involving firearms and explosives, Internet fraud and other are net police combat range >

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