Alexa a new ranking system will be officially opened

Alexa official in Beijing in April 17th 08 officially announced a new ranking system, citing ALEXA official reports, ALEXA in the majority of Internet users to listen to suggestions to improve the statistical rules, and a new ranking system is more real, more diverse data sources. Controversial and domestic competitors (Ai Rui, Foxread,, Chinarank) widely questioned Alexa finally began to restore the credibility of the major initiatives.

I noticed that the new ALEXA ranking system, the number of well-known domestic websites have a substantial increase in the number of sites have a downward trend. [network] you send technical personnel for the team through the Chinese Top10000 website ranking batch sampling after the preliminary analysis, change the adjustment calculation rules of Alexa, data analysis tend to be more scientific and reasonable, and the sampling weights also changed greatly.

analysis results show that the domestic website ranking in the adjustment do not appear in the previous large-scale empty or drop right, this adjustment is ALEXA data statistical method is not scientific, for there are suspected of cheating website punitive treatment.

[network] you sent to remind you that in the updated website ranking algorithm is also abnormal not nervous, according to the announcement of Alexa, the data is not the final result, is still in the process of fine adjustment of patience, waiting for the official, there will be new results released.

Alexa recently adjusted and updated frequently, it will increase the credibility of play a certain role in the domestic market, and now ALEXA is still China and the world of the Internet the most fair and valuable ranking has irreplaceable influence and advantages in quite a long period of time, the publicity of the sampling method of standard data is the industry consensus, will follow.


: Alexa update on the algorithm description

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in recent months, we have been hearing from ALEXA users such feedback: the study of Internet users outside the ALEXA toolbar is becoming increasingly important. In this regard, we ask and accept, we listen to your suggestions, we believe that our new ranking system will be more in line with your request. We are now collecting data from a variety of channels in order to show you a better ranking system that reflects the will of most Internet users.

you have given us more advice, we will strive to achieve in the future. Now we can not tell you more secrets, but in the next few weeks, some of the new features of our products will continue to appear in front of you.

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